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SAP HR Tips #3 thru #6 from HR Expert Venki Krishnamoorthy

by Margaret Hein

January 21, 2013

M.S. Hein, HR Editor, SAPexperts.

Venki Krishnamoorthy has been true to his word, and just last week posted his sixth SAP ERP HCM tip in his planned series of 25.

Venki, a featured HR 2013 conference speaker and acclaimed SAPexperts HR hub author has been busy writing new articles for the HR hub of SAPexperts, getting ready for HR 2013, and still has made time to continue posting his tips for SAP HR professionals.

In his fourth tip, Venki addresses a common mistake that occurs with HCM flexible Performance Management implementations, which is not activating the correct business functions and services. In his blog post, he lists the the iViews that need to be activated and deployed for flexible Performance Management. He also touches on the business functions and services that need to be activated. You can read the entire blog post here:

In his tip #5, Venki takes on the issue of not being able to view course appraisal documents in SAP Learning Solution. In this blog post, he discusses what settings and table entries should be maintained. His entire blog post can be found here:

And, finally, in his latest tip, tip #6, Venki answers a reader’s follow-up questions to one his posts. The questions Venki got were about the renovated learning portal, and what changes had been made. He devotes his blog to discussing, in detail, the renovated learning portal. To read his entire post, click here:

You can read all of Venki’s tips by visiting SAPexperts here:  HR tips.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Venki about his tips, or you have some tips of your own to offer, please send an email to us at SAPexperts.

And watch for more tips in the coming weeks! 

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