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TGIF @ HR2013

by David Wisor

March 1, 2013

Today is the last day of HR 2013, and I am tired. But it's a good tired. 

Yesterday was a full day. I learned about Personnel Actions from Chad Johnson of Aspire HR. I know personnel actions pretty well, but I went as a refresher, and I wasn't disappointed, I'm ready to go back to my office and create separate infogroups for some of my groups of employees. 
Session 2 was a great one as well, all about the Affordable Care Act with David Watts. I'm pretty sure that was my favorite session of the week. It was important to get a review of the configuration changes that were needed to comply with the law, and it was obvious that others felt the same way, because it was a well attended session.
After lunch, it was time for me to give my session, and like every other time, I was a bit nervous. The jitters went away in a few minutes, and I enjoyed presenting to a decent sized group, that asked me some great questions. Hopefully my repeat session will be just as successful, I'm getting nervous just thinking about it.
I closed the day with two informative sessions, first was a session on data security, given by Patricia Meo and Meg Heckett from American Airlines, followed by a discussion on CATS and CATS improvements in EHP5 given by Arpit Nigam of AspireHR. I really liked the data security solution presented by Patricia and Meg, and I liked the new leave request feature that was demonstrated by Arpit. He also recommended an Expert article by Manuel Gallardo, and a book by Martin Gillet, both on CATS.
I won't lie, I'm missing home and family. I boosted my spirits last night with some real comfort food, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans at the Cafe Bellagio. Oh and in case you r ead yesterday's blog and are wondering, my losing streak continues, no wins at the exhibit hall or the casino. 
So now I'm off, to a couple more sessions, one more speaking opportunity, and a plane ride home. Here's to one last day of learning and a long look forward to HR 2014. Look for my next blog entry talking about the last day of the conference, and how I will share what I've learned with my co-workers. Remember to follow me @SAP_HR_Guy

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