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5 Key Steps on How to Move BW to SAP HANA

by Dr. Berg

May 12, 2013

In This video blog we look at five steps that helps you automate many of the tasks of moving SAP BW to HANA, including sizing, pre-checks, cleanup, ETL automated checks and HANA migration options. By Dr. Berg


Many organizations that are currently using SAP BW and BI on relational databases are struggeling with the first steps in planning and executing their BW to HANA migration efforts.

In this video blog we look at what is new in the 2nd edition of the SAP HANA book from SAP Press, and also dives into the new automated programs that can assist you in your migration project with practical advice and examples.

h2>5 key steps on How to Execute your BW to SAP HANA Move

(select high resolution if you are using a big-screen and turn on sound). 


Meanwhile, I am preparing a demo with 420+ million rows with 3 dashboards, WebI, Analysis, Crystal Report and more that I will be sharing on this blog later this week after Sapphire..  Stay tuned :-)

Dr. Berg

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Jody Hesch

9/30/2013 1:20:00 PM

Hi Dr. Berg, At 2:57 you note that master data is stored in Row Store. I don't have BW experience but would think the storage is the same as native HANA - i.e. any data used in analytics (master data included in star schema) is stored in Column Store. No? Thanks, Jody

Bjarne Berg

9/25/2013 9:06:16 PM

Simplified explained: The rowstore is more optimized for updates, while columnstores are better for appends (new records). That is why masterdata is more appropriatly stored in rowstores - it is more likely to be updated than already processed transactional records in BW fact tables. Cool? Dr. Berg