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Improving the performance of your interaction center

by Amy Thistle

May 23, 2013

The following tip comes from a presentation that Christian Elgaard, Implement Consulting Group, will be presenting at CRM 2013, 11-13 June in Amsterdam.  

Explore strategies and best practices to improve customer service operations within your interaction or contact centers. Understand the importance of aligning business processes and customers expectations with your SAP CRM Customer Interaction Center operations, and get strategies and tools to help streamline this process. You will leave the session with a new perspective on business process design and a list of tips for using SAP CRM Interaction Center functionality to improve the individual customer experience and reduce operational costs.

5 Steps to an Effective Customer Service Operation

  1. Increase value by insight
  2. Increase value by differentiation
  3. Reduce effort by standardizing processes
  4. Reduce effort by optimizing tools
  5. Reduce effort by measuring and adjusting

10 Rules for Prevention of Errors

  1. Record all failure incidents
  2. Always determine the root cause
  3. Do not accept errors — eliminate them
  4. Develop standards/templates to guide the agent/user through critical processes
  5. Reduce complexity to a minimum
  6. Automate tasks based on rules
  7. Consider a user’s skills/prerequisites when assigning tasks
  8. Provide examples as reference
  9. Remove irrelevant options
  10. Validate data at the point of entry

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