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Tips for evaluating on-premise, cloud, and hybrid

by Amy Thistle

May 9, 2013

This HR tip comes courtesy of Jeremy Masters of Worklogix, who is speaking at our upcoming HR 2013 event, 11-13 June in Amsterdam! Get an introduction to evaluating on-premise, cloud, and hybrid. 

  • Evaluation Criteria #1: Integration
    • Integration is still a major factor
    • Consider integration from 3 perspectives:
      • Technical, data, and process
    • Talent Management versus Core HR perspective
      • E.g., is it more important that you have tight integration between Payroll and Compensation, or Performance and Compensation?
  • Evaluation Criteria #2: Requirements Fit
    • Understand complexity and uniqueness of business requirements
    • Gauge willingness from HR to bend or change policies
      • As a general rule:
      • On-Premise can enhance as you want (if you can build/ support it)
      • Cloud not as flexible, but may have already solved for the requirements 
  • Evaluation Criteria #3: Data Ownership
    • May or may not be an issue
      • Potentially a bigger issue with governments and heavily- regulated industries
    • You always “own” your data, but there should be provisions in place to retrieve/recover this data:
      • Analytics can be done in the Cloud, or imported back into core (and used within your own Data Warehouse solution)
      • If you ever have to change Cloud providers, you should be able to get a dump of data
  • Evaluation Criteria #4: User Experience/Usability
    • Higher Usability = Better Adoption
    • Generally speaking, SaaS has better reputation than ERP software for usability
    • Vendors can greatly enhance standard SAP usability
  • Evaluation Criteria #5: Cost

Learn about these criteria and more. There is still time to register for HR 2013! In fact the early bird pricing discount expires Friday (May 10)!

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