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HANA Training Video Step-by-Step

Tables, Views DataServices & BOBJ Explorer

by Dr. Berg

September 16, 2013

In this HANA Training Video blog we explore how to add tables in HANA, how to load data using BOBJ DataServices, how to build attribute and analytics views, how to build an information space and deploy your HANA date to BusinessObjects Explorer.


In addition to my job at a consulting firm, in my education role as an Associate Professor of Computer Science, I also teach at the Lenoir Rhyne University and the SAP University Alliance Program. That means that this fall I teach a HANA class to a group of college students.

The material I used in this step-by-step HANA Training Video is based on some of the exercises I make my student do in the class room. This includes modeling inside HANA, load data and deploy HANA views into BusinessObjects.

The example used is a simple sales scenario with Products and Customer data that needs to be linked to the Sales Transactions.

The Training Video

(For best viewing: click on 1080 High-Definition, turn on sound and maximize the screen)

Summary and Credits

As you can see, building inside SAP HANA is not too complicated and most developers will find this intuitive. That does not mean that you should not take training classes to get real proficiency. Instead it means that getting up-to speed for experienced BW developers is not too hard if you get the right support from the beginning and avoid learning 'bad practices' and habits.

A great thanks to Lorraine Garder at State University of California (Chico) who’s continued support and workshop for SAP UA is invaluable to both professors and students…. 

Dr. Berg 

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