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insiderRESEARCH’s HANA Survey Digs In: Does Your Organization Have the Technical Details to Gain Project Approval?

by Marc Mosca, Research Analyst, insiderRESEARCH

April 16, 2014

Let’s conduct a thought experiment: If tomorrow your executive team asked you to briefly explain what HANA is and its potential impact on your organization, how comfortable would you be presenting?

I spent the past month speaking with a diverse group of SAP professionals at our events in Orlando and Las Vegas and took the opportunity to ask many of them that exact question. Three-and-a-half years after 1.0, many still struggle to translate in-memory’s value, potential and risks to their business stakeholders and this remains a significant roadblock to adopting the technology. A HANA investment is an IT project at scale and teams often find themselves competing to show that in-memory technology can generate not just positive ROI, but a greater return than other similarly-sized alternative investments within the organization. Gaining approval for a HANA project requires a clear vision and strong evidence that what is promised can be delivered.

insiderRESEARCH’s upcoming HANA report aims to directly address these concerns and give SAP professionals unparalleled insight into best practices and trends used by outperforming HANA-customers and experts throughout the SAP universe.

We also want to tailor this report specifically for the individuals who are responsible for developing HANA business plans and the professionals that will be crucial to a HANA project’s success. In other words, we want to hear from you about your organization’s engagement with HANA. While I am happy to field your emails and calls on HANA, I suspect that you will find the five-minute survey below to be an easier method to give your input. The information you provide will directly influence our research and the final report. One lucky respondent will also be selected to receive a $250 American Express Gift Card as a thank you for giving us your thoughts and time. Give us a few minutes, (perhaps) win a small gift and keep an eye out for insiderRESEARCH’s HANA report this summer.

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