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A Quick Tour of HANA for Beginners

by Dr. Berg

January 5, 2014

After having worked on HANA for several years I often forget that for many this is new technology. In this quick tour of HANA we are taking a look at basic navigation, how to build tables, virtual tables, attribute and analytical views.


More Information

As you see, moving around in SAP HANA is very simple. For those with MS Access experience, there really are not much new in terms of concepts. However, the in-memory implementation behind the GUI is naturally quite different.

For some quick introductions to HANA, take a look at these demos from SAP Insider Online:

- Step by step: Building tables, views and loading data

- BusinessObjects Explorer on HANA with 1.2 Billion Rows

- Real HANA Performance Test Benchmarks 

    Next Steps – SAP HANA 2014 Conference

    At the new SAP HANA conference March 24-27th, I will be giving a two-part pre-conference workshop called “An A-to-Z guide to implementing SAP HANA: Planning, scoping, staffing, budgeting, and execution.”   

    If you are interested in getting up-to-speed in a 3-hour workshop and have all your HANA questions answered, you can read more details and register at the SAP HANA Conference website.

    Hope to see you there...

    Dr. Berg 


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