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How The Davey Tree Expert Company Expanded Reach of Recruiting Efforts and Reduced Time to Hire

by AJ Whalen, Senior Research Analyst, SAPinsider | January 2, 2020

In a recent SAPinsider research survey, SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors customers were asked to identify which metrics were most important for measuring the success of their HCM strategies and actions. The leading answer was employee satisfaction (48%), but two... MORE »»

How Sealed Air Is Transforming Its Employee Learning Experience

by AJ Whalen, Senior Research Analyst, SAPinsider | December 20, 2019

Recently, employee experience has been dominating headlines and solution roadmaps across human capital management (HCM). While much of the discussion has been about the need to transform employee experience on a macro level through measuring and analyzing experience data, there... MORE »»

Change Is Coming to Financial Planning and Analysis:
Are You Ready?

by Craig Himmelberger, Senior Research Director for Finance and GRC, SAPinsider | December 11, 2019

Financial professionals are extremely focused on FP&A (financial planning & analysis). As SAPinsider prepares our 2020 studies, “The State of the Market for SAP Financial Planning and Analysis” and “The State of the Market for SAP Finance – a Benchmark... MORE »»

To Outsource or Not to Outsource: The Role Payroll Can Play in Cloud HCM Adoption

by Lauren Bonneau, Senior Editor, SAPinsider and AJ Whalen, Senior Research Analyst, SAPinsider | December 9, 2019

SAPinsider recently spoke with Mike Ellis, President, Rizing HCM APAC, to discuss the state of SAP SuccessFactors market today, global trends he is hearing from clients, and options for SAP customers in the area of outsourcing payroll specifically. Ellis, who... MORE »»

The Rise of Intelligence in Talent Acquisition and Retention

by AJ Whalen, Senior Research Analyst, SAPinsider | December 5, 2019

Few areas of human capital management (HCM) are as closely tied to the measurement of HR’s success as talent acquisition and retention. In a recent SAPinsider survey of SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors customers, two key talent acquisition and retention... MORE »»

SAPinsider Q&A: A Chat with New SAP SuccessFactors Head of Product Meg Bear

by AJ Whalen, Senior Research Analyst, SAPinsider | November 7, 2019

SAP SuccessFactors recently appointed Meg Bear as head of product, where her charter is to develop the next generation of SAP SuccessFactors solutions that will empower customers on their human experience management (HXM) journey. This SAPinsider Q&A shares insights from... MORE »»

Measuring the Success of Recruiting Efforts and Investments

by AJ Whalen, Senior Research Analyst, SAPinsider | November 5, 2019

With the latest and greatest recruiting technology available today, companies are starting to see the limitations of past recruiting strategies and are looking for mobile-friendly solutions that integrate with social media and make it easier for candidates to apply from... MORE »»

What’s Your X-Data Strategy?

by AJ Whalen, Senior Research Analyst, SAPinsider | October 30, 2019

How important is employee experience to HR organizations? SAP has been moving rapidly to leverage the SAP Qualtrics Employee Engagement solution to transform employee experience through the measurement and analysis of experience data (or X-data). For customers to be successful... MORE »»

SAP SuccessFactors Announces Move to a Bi-annual Release Schedule

by AJ Whalen, Senior Research Analyst, SAPinsider | October 18, 2019

Here’s why HR and IT professionals prefer bi-annual vs. quarterly SAP SuccessFactors release schedule. MORE »»

Bill McDermott Leaves CEO Position at SAP: Impact for SAPinsiders

by Rizal Ahmed, President and Head of Research SAP S/4HANA and Cloud, SAPinsider | October 11, 2019

A look inside Bill McDermott stepping down and Christian Klein and Jennifer Morgan stepping into SAP co-CEO roles. MORE »»