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Preparing for SAP CRM mobile sales: Q&A on mobile CRM with Sandeep Raina of Fujitsu America (transcript)

by Amy Thistle

How can your organization prepare to deliver SAP CRM to your mobile sales team? What changes should you expect to see in CRM mobile sales deployments in terms of implementation effort, data management and look & feel?

I recently moderated a Q&A with CRM 2013 speaker and Fujitsu America consultant Sandeep Raina on  configuring and customizing SAP CRM mobile sales.  Sandeep took questions in an  exclusive, one-hour Q&A in the CRM Forum moderated on February 5.

He shared his advice on topics such as authorizations, integration with SAP CRM Sales Contacts, pricing conditions, SAP NetWeaver Mobile, SUP, performance, pipeline management and other topics.

Follow the full discussion thread in the CRM Forum, or read our edited transcript here:

Amy Thistle, CRM 2013: Welcome to today's forum on SAP CRM mobile sales. Thank you for joining us today!

I’d first like to welcome Sandeep Raina of Fujitsu America. Today’s Q&A topic is based on Sandeep’s upcoming CRM 2012 session “A Step-By-Step Guide for Configuring and Customizing SAP CRM Mobile Sales.”

Sandeep, welcome, and thanks for taking these questions today.


Sandeep Raina, Fujitsu America: Thanks Amy and SAPinsider team to give me this opportunity to answer questions on SAP CRM mobile sales applications. Welcome everyone on the Q & A session.

TalCohenAlon: We are going to implement the CRM mobile in our company. One of our main issues is the authorization. In our CRM system we manage the authorization by PFCG Roles and use standard authorization objects like:
So each user can see only his account / sales documents. So my question is how we will make sure that in the mobile device the relevant user we see only his data.
Sandeep Raina: The CRM Sales application only allows sales staff to view their own master and transaction data.

The CRM Mobile application allows sales staff to view Accounts/Contacts and Sales transactions only if they are assigned themselves as the employee responsible for relationship or employee responsible for partner functions. This way they are only allowed to view their own data. This is the standard behavior of the mobile application.
In addition to the standard behavior explained above, CRM Mobile application also utilizes CRM backend security roles for any other restrictions.

Judy Hildebrandt:  We are looking at implementing CRM Mobile Sales and see that most CRM transactions are supported.

However, we use Sales Contracts in our processes and would like to know if it will be easy to get Sales Contra ct transactions to flow out to the Mobile Sales? Can this be handled by standard configuration or would this be a custom development?

Sandeep Raina: Thanks, Judy, for your question.  

CRM Mobile application supports Sales transactions like Activities, Leads, Opportunities, Quotations and Sales Orders.

Sales contracts are not supported at this moment. This will be a custom development and creating a new mobile application is recommended.

SAP also provides source code for the application, in case of special requirements

However, you can view Sales Contracts in the Account Fact Sheet (PDF) if they are configured as part of fact sheet. The PDF Fact Sheet can be displayed on the Account view of the mobile application. This fact sheet will provide you with a 360 degree view of the customer. (Note that this will not help in creating follow-up transactions.)


kavindrajoshi:  Is NetWeaver Mobile still in use for this? 

Sandeep Raina: NetWeaver Mobile is still in use. SAP Netweaver Mobile is being used as middleware to send the data to SUP and then mobile devices. SAP Netweaver Mobile has all the data modeling and communication structures for CRM Sales applications.


TalCohenAlon: Question regarding pricing conditions in CRM mobile:

Currently in our CRM system we use pricing conditions that are transferred from our ECC system based on condition tables in CRM (created based on ECC condition tables).

So my question is: Should we expect to get the same pricing result in the mobile device like we get today in our CRM system? 

Sandeep Raina: Thanks, Tal. This is very good question. Here is the answer below:

Pricing data will not be sent directly to the mobile device. Pricing simulation doesn't happen on your mobile device. Whenever any sales transaction is entered from your mobile device, customer and product data inside the transaction is entered and pushed back to your SAP CRM where all the prices will be calculated.

Mobile-based sales transactions will use your existing pricing procedure inside SAP CRM. Pricing is calculated at the time of replication to your SAP CRM system. 

At this moment, Discount conditions are allowed from the mobile device, where the sales rep can apply discounts, which are then sent back along with your sales transaction to the respective CRM system.


vinod: To start developing/enhancing Mobile Sales Applications for CRM, where do we start? Do we have any emulators for the application?

Sandeep Raina: There are only few customization options available for your CRM Sales application. They are mostly configuration and coding changes on SAP CRM and NetWeaver Mobile system. 

You can add your custom fields, rename labels, and a few more customization options are available. There are no emulators for this application. You can apply the changes and test directly on your devices.

SAP will not provide you code for their mobile application. There are only special cases where SAP provides you their mobile application code under terms and conditions. Changing the mobile application is not recommended. There are various ways to do customization in the CRM backend and NetWeaver Mobile system to fulfill mobile application requirements.


kavindrajoshi: With the CRM-ECC landscape, how is the performance?

Sandeep Raina: This application works with CRM-ECC integration . Accounts, Quotes and Sales order can be directly created from the mobile device and sent to CRM, which then replicates to your ECC system.

If you are not using CRM quotes and sales orders, ECC quotes and Sales Orders can be enabled on your CRM Sales application. Performance of the application is not a concern; sales reps using this application are only allowed to view their own data.


BillSchlosser: Hello Sandeep,

Are all features of SAP CRM available in SAP CRM Mobile, such as groupware synchronization and the interactive reporting module (C41)?  Are the sales analytics the same as interactive reporting?

Sandeep Raina: Thanks Bill for your questions.

Not all the functionality from your CRM UI is available on SAP CRM Mobile.

Groupware cannot be integrated directly with CRM Mobile Sales. However if you have groupware synchronization working on your CRM UI and outlook, then those activities are available in CRM backend and will replicate to your mobile devices in calendar format. You can directly work on those activities from CRM Sales application.

Interactive reporting is not allowed on CRM Sales application. CRM Mobile application has its own Analytics section where you have good reports like pipeline performance analysis.

I would suggest downloading the application from SAP’s app store and working on the demo data. This will give you a good idea about analytics portion on the application.


ykchandan: Hi Sandeep, SAP pr ovides Rapid Deployments of mobile solutions and the standard SAP applications. How do we integrate our applications if there is customization?

Sandeep Raina: Hi,

Every SAP application needs to have SAP NetWeaver Mobile (only for SAP CRM), SAP Netweaver Gateway and SUP to enable SAP Mobile applications. Most of these applications have configurations to enable them to work. 

Some of these applications, like the CRM Sales Retail application, support customization and you can change business logic or new fields if required.


BillSchlosser: Is the SAP CRM mobile solution device agnostic where the sales force can utilize the tool on an iPhone, Droid device, or tablet (running Windows 8)?  Is it feasible to apply a Bring Your Own Device model as stated above or should one choose a single device to enable SAP CRM mobility?

Sandeep Raina: Yes, SAP CRM Mobile solution is device agnostic. This application can be run on BlackBerry, Android, iOS and Win32 platforms. Windows 8 version is not available. Win32 version can be run directly on your laptop and support offline functionality. This application is feasible for a BYOD model.


Ken Murphy: Hello, Can you share any best practices for testing SUP integration with SAP NetWeaver Mobile?

Sandeep Raina: Thanks for your question. Best practices for testing SUP Integration with SAP NetWeaver Mobile?

-  Register your mobile devices in SUP.

-  Launch your CRM Sales application from any devices and validate that devices
have made successful connection to SUP and SAP NetWeaver mobile

-  The subscription process on CRM Sales application will allow you to validate whether in tegration with SUP and Netweaver Mobile is working.

-  Whenever CRM sales application is subscribed, NetWeaver Mobile credentials are required for successful subscription and data delivery from NetWeaver Mobile to SUP and finally to your mobile device.  This can be easily verified using the Admin tools in SUP and SAP NetWeaver Mobile.

-  You can also see device logs in SUP and NetWeaver mobile for your testing.


M.S. Hein: Hi Sandeep, I have a question. What are the available currency settings - and limitations - in SAP CRM for mobile sales?

Sandeep Raina: Thanks for the question.

All currencies inside your SAP CRM system are allowed for mobile devices. These currencies can be controlled to only display desired currencies on mobile devices. This is a standard configuration which is available in SAP CRM to customize. Other settings like mobile countries can also be controlled to display only specific countries on mobile devices.


Vasu: Hi Sandeep,

Appreciate your view on the scope of TPM and Pipeline Management in mobile applications. Could you please also advise on configuring TPM and Pipeline Management pertaining to mobile apps?  

Sandeep Raina: Hi Vasu,

TPM is not supported for CRM Sales application. However there is another application for SAP Retail which is a combination of the CRM and ECC systems. This application shows promotions applied on your sales orders. You can download the iPad application from the app store and verify with demo data.

There are 3 reports available as part of Analyt ics section for Pipeline management. This comes as standard and provide you ability to analyze your sales pipeline.


Amy Thistle: Thanks to all who followed the discussion today!

A full summary of all the questions will be available here in the CRM Forum and in the CRM Group on Insider Learning Network. 

I also encourage you to meet Sandeep our upcoming SAPinsider CRM 2013 conference, this March 5-8 in Las Vegas, where he will also be giving a session on mobilizing CRM workflow  as well as on configuring & customizing CRM mobile sales.

And thank you again to Sandeep Raina of Fujitsu America for taking the time to answer these questions. Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas, Sandeep!

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