Take the Complexity and Risks Out of Intercompany Transactions: Q&A on How to Ensure Data Integrity and Increase Productivity

December 16, 2015

Companies that work in multiple ERP systems and have international operations continue to be challenged with monitoring cross-entity and intercompany transactions. The risks of waiting to see discrepancies in intercompany billing until month-end close are substantial, ranging from inventory write-offs, top-side adjustments, wasted resources, and financial integrity risk, to major financial exposure.

As organizations execute more acquisitions and mergers and expand globally into different countries and markets, the complexity of intercompany accounts continues to grow and has necessitated the need for better control, visibility, and security around these processes.

On Wednesday, December 16, BlackLine’s Susan Parcells, Director of Finance Transformation, and Susan Hols, Principal Solutions Consultant, answered readers' questions on how to address the complexity of intercompany transactions to ensure data integrity and improve productivity. They fielded questions about how to eliminate after-the-fact manual reconciliations and settlements by improving the stability of your company’s ERP systems and reporting tools.

  • What are some suggestions for the best way to handle intercompany eliminations.
  • What options do I have for augmenting the group consolidation process?
  • Can BlackLine’s intercompany software retrieve information from multiple SAP instances? From different ERP systems? How?
  • How does the solution handle a rejected intercompany charge/transaction?
  • What options are available for generating invoices for tracking and auditability?

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1/5/2016 9:36:41 AM

I would expect more matured answers. Many answers are repeated and do not display the depth represented by question.

Currency Set-up

12/16/2015 1:58:49 PM

Is there any best practice/leading practice on currency set-up to keep CO/FI in sync? We have Material ledger in scope with parallel valuation. We are in ECC 6 and countries have different inventory valuation requirements. Please clarify.


12/16/2015 1:41:01 PM

At present our SAP Inter-company is done via Opened items. Is this the best treatment when there is significant activity between the related companies