Bring Real-Time Analytics and Reporting into Your SAP HANA Platform: Q&A on the Benefits of Agile Data Marts

January 26, 2016

Data volume continues to increase among organizations of all sizes and verticals, and many have turned to business intelligence (BI) tools to make the best use of their data. These BI technologies are key to integrating, analyzing, and leveraging all of this data, but for those just starting this process, the question remains — what kind of BI approach should we take to reap the most rewards?

An agile BI approach can reduce the time it takes for traditional BI to deliver value to an organization and also helps to quickly adapt to changing business needs. SAP’s Neil McGovern recently answered readers' questions on the benefits of agile BI and how to incorporate an agile data mart directly into a SAP HANA platform to meet an organization’s specific data and analytics needs.

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1/26/2016 12:31:14 PM

How is Agile process different in SAP HANA vs other traditional databases?

Natalie Miller

1/21/2016 1:20:03 PM

We encourage you to post your questions for Neil to answer during the live event. After the event concludes we will post the entire transcript online and also email you to alert you when it's up. Thank you for your interest!


1/21/2016 9:34:26 AM

I'm very interested in the Real-Time Analytics and Reporting into the SAP HANA Platform. How can I get a transcript of the Q&A ?