Sales Order Processing and SAP ERP: Q&A on How to Accelerate Sales Cycles with an Automated System

March 29, 2016

Tech-savvy consumers accustomed to rapid, responsive retail interactions expect the same from their transactions with businesses. Yet many organizations are still manually keying in sales order data from faxes and emails.

Customer service representatives who dedicate too much time to manage paper-based data entry are limited in their ability to quickly respond to customers and resolve issues. Not to mention this costly method can lead to errors, missed orders and delays, as well as a lack of visibility into the business process.

What options are available to SAP customers looking to streamline and automate sales order entry? What best practices can eliminate high order processing costs, cut lead times, and increase customer satisfaction? Are cloud-based solutions the future?

During this recent live Q&A, expert Howie Hahn of Esker took readers' questions on best practices for sales order automation, data integration with SAP ERP, cloud migration, and more. He answered questions, such as:

  • We receive a majority of our orders via EDI. Is it worth an investment for the smaller percentage of orders still coming through via email and fax?
  • How does the solution communicate with SAP ERP?
  • Is this solution template-based?
  • What types of orders does your system work with (standard, sample, configurable, BOM)?
  • How do you work with multiple languages and/or currencies?

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