Managing the Journal Entry and Approval Process in Your SAP Systems: Live Q&A with Brian Shannon

October 05, 2016

To quickly and efficiently complete the financial close process, accounting teams require solutions that enable them to create and approve multiple journal entries in a very tight time frame. Standardizing and streamlining journal entry processes is essential, as every delay in journal entry processing delays the company's ability to report its financial results.

Dolphin's Brian Shannon and Vishal Awasthi recently shared tips and best practices for creating automated, intelligent workflows to streamline the approval of complex journal entries, and improve controls. They answered questions on how to shorten the financial close such as:

  • How can I lower the cost of journal entry processing?
  • If I manage my journal entries in a spreadsheet, how can I easily create them in SAP systems?
  • How can I simplify the journal entry approval process for the individuals involved?
  • I have many journal entries that need to be reviewed and approved. What is the best way to do this within SAP without having to print them all?
  • Does journal consolidation with universal journal help to drive better compliance? And if so, how?

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