SAP BI Product Convergence Update: What’s Happening Today, What is Coming Next, and What Does It Mean for You?

Q&A with Jayne Landry, Merlijn Ekkel, Blair Wheadon, Ty Miller, and more SAP experts

April 20, 2017

SAP’s BI suite continues its course of ongoing product advancements, and there are significant new product releases on the very near horizon. With the pending SP4 release of SAP BI 4.2 due to impact the full BI suite, and the major new release of SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 2.0 (where SAP BusinessObjects Lumira and SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio are merged into one product), there is much that companies need to understand in order to uncover the many opportunities available with these updates. Product convergence and simplification of the BI suite has been a stated commitment for SAP product strategy for almost three years now,  and it is a perfect time to get comprehensive answers on the current status of these products and the convergence road ahead.

In this live Q&A, Jayne Landry, Merlijn Ekkel, Blair Wheadon, Ty Miller, and several other key product leaders from BI product groups at SAP, including SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, and SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Office, answered users' questions about the road ahead for SAP’s BI products. The panel answered over 80 questions, including:

  • How has the BI product convergence process been going, and what are some of the key highlights of that process leading up to today?
  • what are some recent BI platform features that are focused on supporting the BI tools convergence objective?
  • How do new SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2 features affect the user experience and support the convergence mission?
  • What is going on with the convergence of SAP BusinessObjects Lumira and SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio with Lumira 2.0?
  • Looking ahead, what would you suggest are the top few functionality additions coming in the next release of Analysis for Office
  • How should these on-premise SAP BusinessObjects customers be thinking SAP BusinessObjects Cloud in their BI strategy planning?

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