Preparing for an SAP HANA Upgrade: Q&A on Techniques and Strategies

April 12, 2017

For many customers, SAP HANA minimum system requirements are a step or two away, requiring an application upgrade, hardware upgrade, and possibly even Unicode conversion. What are techniques and strategies to make the steps a reality and help establish a solid footing for moving toward an SAP HANA platform?

Read the transcript of the discussion with Basis & SAP Administration 2017 speaker Deb Donohoe and her colleague Christian Baessler to learn about on preparing for an SAP HANA upgrade. Get expert advice on choosing an upgrade path, planning tools, unicode conversion and more. Questions included:

  • What are the specific ABAP syntax statements that become obsolete with SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA? SAP S/4HANA?
  • From a client perspective, is it possible to only upgrade a portion of the client’s SAP modules or does the entire suite have to be upgraded?
  • Are there any advanced SAP HANA migration techniques to reduce total migration downtimes?
  • What is the Basis effort required to perform the SAP HANA upgrade from the SAP ECC EHP 6 system?

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4/12/2017 12:10:01 PM

What is the REAL quantifiable gain you've got after migration ERP on HANA platform.