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Live chat with Alan Mayer and Michael Welter

September 13, 2017

Are you using SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence to create reports?  Whether you are an advanced report developer looking to use WebI as an ad hoc dashboard creator or a newcomer who is just trying avoid committing a deadly WebI sin, experts Alan Mayer and Michael Welter answered questions and shared expert advice on SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence documents and universes. 

Read the chat transcript now and get answers to user questions, including:

    • What are some of the new features being added to Web Intelligence?
    • Can we build Webi reports using the SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 version from Salesforce-Remedyforce database?
    • How does merging dimensions work?
    • Is it possible to do Timeline Reporting in SAP BusinessObjects WebI?
    • I have SAP HANA as my datasource. Is SAP Lumira designer or Webi the right tool for tabular reporting?
    • What’s the story behind Lumira and Web Intelligence? Competing technologies?
    • How can an existing Webi be turned into a dashboard-like application?

Alan will be speaking at Reporting & Analytics 2017 INTERACTIVE, November 29-December 1 in Las Vegas.

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