SAP HANA Security: How to Configure Your Implementation for Maximum Security

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Date: Thursday, December 15, 2016

Time: 2:00 PM ET/ 1:00 PM CT/ 11:00 AM PT

Duration: 60 minutes (including Q&A)


Alex Horan
Alex Horan
Director of Product Management,

Whether they opt for on-premise or in the cloud, many large organizations are currently in the process of migrating to SAP HANA. As this database becomes the home of the company’s most sensitive business critical information, securing it becomes a key priority. SAP has released several versions (SPSs) of SAP HANA to fit individual organizations’ needs, and each of these SPSs requires different configurations for optimal security. Understanding what configurations are needed for the SPS in your organization is essential for keeping your valuable data safe.

In this webinar we will focus on the vulnerabilities, risks, and relevant security configurations businesses should be aware of for each SPS. View this session to learn essential security information, including:

  • What SAP administrators should enable and configure in SAP HANA to best safeguard their implementations
  • How the four latest SAP HANA SPSs differ in terms of security
  • What the out-of-the-box security state of recent SAP HANA versions is

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