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Security in an age of Big Data and proliferating Systems

September 30, 2014

With cyber-crime and security breaches seemingly lurking around every corner, is it any wonder that companies are worried about their assets, or seeking more opportunities to minimize risk? Join this webinar to find out how SAP’s Identity and Access Management ...MORE »»

The API perfect storm: How to ride the wave of the digital economy with simplification

September 10, 2014

Think back a few decades and API was purely a geek term related to developers and software architects – how times have changed. … Today we see APIs as the key enabler for anything a company wants to sell such ...MORE »»

How Siemens is Transforming Record-to-Report

September 9, 2014

Organizations the size and complexity of Siemens often shy away from process transformations as extensive as reinventing global record-to-report processes. But an internal review in 2009 revealed the potential of saving hundreds of thousands of dollars through improved processes, updated ...MORE »»

Steer your business operations with real-time visibility gained with Operational Process Intelligence

August 27, 2014

The initial promise of Business Process Management (BPM) was that it would enable our businesses to be managed holistically through business process models that were implemented in software. The vision was enticing, but the reality – as always – is ...MORE »»

5 Tips for SAP Users to Streamline Order Management Processes

August 14, 2014

If your company is receiving sales orders by fax or email, you want to be able to process them electronically. But what’s the right solution? Is it a mix of stand-alone applications for imaging, workflow and archiving? Or an all-in-one ...MORE »»

Superior User Experience: Unlock the value of your SAP Investments

August 13, 2014

User experience encompasses a variety of aspects of which UI is just one. Newer SAP Fiori apps are merely the beginning. Learn how you can build your own Fiori-like apps and employ a more intuitive approach to developing business process ...MORE »»

ABAP and the SAP HANA Era: New Age Application Development Techniques with Time-Tested Technology

July 16, 2014

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to customize your on-premise and cloud system landscape with technology available in SAP’s development portfolio.

...MORE »»

Lessons for Optimizing Clinical Trial Supply Chain Processes: Cloud & On-Premise CTSM

June 26, 2014

A critical phase in the drug development lifecycle, clinical trials entail a long and complex process. Although several pharmaceutical companies use SAP for commercial supply chains, they are often unable to leverage it effectively for clinical trial supply management (CTSM). ...MORE »»

Leverage Your SAP Transportation Suite to Improve Supply Chain Integrity

June 26, 2014

As supply chains become increasingly complex and demanding, companies are constantly challenged to develop and deploy applications, services, and mobile solutions that satisfy many goals, all while running at full speed and low cost. Making the most of a TMS ...MORE »»

GRC Case Study: How Serco Automated Compliance with a New Controls Platform

June 25, 2014

Continually monitoring compliance and risk in SAP can be labor-intensive and costly - especially in a company with a rapidly expanding SAP user base. In this webinar you’ll hear how Serco, a global outsourcer and service provider whose SAP user ...MORE »»