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5 Ways Automating Fax & Email Orders Elevates SAP Performance

April 22, 2014

Manually processing fax and email orders is a drain on staff, budget and resources. But before going paperless, key considerations must be made. Namely, how would an automation solution work in your existing SAP® landscape?  Join our webinar to explore ...MORE »»

Transform Your SAP business applications: best practices and real-world examples

April 9, 2014

While most organizations recognize the importance of virtualizing their enterprise business applications to enable quick and easy response to business needs, getting this project off the ground is often easier said than done. In this webcast, you will learn best ...MORE »»

Learn best practices for building an effective business continuity strategy with SAP HANA

March 27, 2014

This webinar focuses on the latest best practices around business continuity when deploying SAP HANA®, including tips and tricks from implementers.  Business continuity, commonly defined as the act of maintaining continual operations while safeguarding vital organizational data is an essential ...MORE »»

Cutting IT Cost through SAP Instance Consolidation

March 26, 2014

Recent research has shown that on average, large enterprises could save more than $6m per annum by consolidating their SAP® footprint.  Join this exclusive webinar to find out where organizations should be looking to fully understand the significant cost savings ...MORE »»

Hear How Westinghouse Tackled the Master Data Management Challenge

March 25, 2014

Creating an MDM strategy that can effectively manage complex data-related relationships, roles, and scenarios can be a daunting task, but essential to a successful information governance strategy. Attend this webinar to hear from Westinghouse on the steps it took on ...MORE »»

Improve Supply Chain Integrity and Efficiency Through Global Batch Management and Traceability

March 20, 2014

As supply chains become increasingly complex and demanding, companies need to deploy applications, services, and mobile solutions that satisfy many parallel goals. Integration of compliance, product integrity, visibility, and risk reduction are critical to efficient supply chain operations. This webinar ...MORE »»

Adding Accounts Payable Automation to SAP — without Adding Complexity

March 13, 2014

Businesses are constantly seeking to improve by adopting new methods to grasp that elusive “competitive edge.” And those with their sights on improving operational efficiency understand the potential benefits that an accounts payable (AP) automation solution could bring. Join us ...MORE »»

Lowering the Cost of Data Management with In-Memory Technologies

March 6, 2014

Data stored in memory can be accessed orders of magnitude faster than on disk.  In-memory databases support many use cases, including real-time data access, analytics and predictive analytics and other workloads. This Webinar focuses on trends on data management and ...MORE »»

Hybrid Cloud E-Invoicing Service Lowers SAP ERP Support Costs Across Latin America by 80%

March 5, 2014

Latin America can be a difficult region to implement and manage SAP® ERP deployments. And in 2014 Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Mexico have announced new tax and electronic invoicing policies which will require mandatory and expensive upgrades.  Whether you are ...MORE »»

How McCormick Optimized Barcode Labeling from SAP

February 27, 2014

Learn how McCormick, a global leader in flavor, streamlined its global labeling process, managed customer and regulatory label changes more efficiently and ultimately increased revenue by implementing an Enterprise Labeling Solution that leverages SAP as the source of truth for ...MORE »»