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The Future of Finance – Today

December 18, 2014

In order to be a truly strategic partner to the business, finance needs to efficiently perform all the fundamental accounting, reporting, planning, monitoring, and cash management tasks while simultaneously providing actionable, strategic insights to all levels of the organization.  The ...MORE »»

Manage Your Demand Network

December 17, 2014

In today’s complex and rapidly changing business world, supply chains are evolving into demand networks. Shifting customer demand, new ways to sell to consumers, increasingly complex supply networks, and distributed manufacturing all contribute to the complexities of supply chain planning ...MORE »»

Top 3 Benefits of Automating Fax and Email Orders for SAP Users

December 16, 2014

If your company receives sales orders by fax or email, ideally, you would be able to process them electronically. But what’s the right solution? Is it a mix of stand-alone applications for imaging, workflow, and archiving? Or an all-in-one platform ...MORE »»

Virtualization of SAP HANA on VMware vSphere: Capabilities, Myths and Roadmap

December 9, 2014

When SAP HANA, the market leading in-memory data platform, leverages the power of VMware virtualization and cloud computing platform, it delivers a deployment architecture to SAP HANA customers that is optimized for agility, high availability, cost savings, and easy provisioning. ...MORE »»

How to Integrate Your Enterprise Data for Real-Time Analytics

December 4, 2014

Data is pouring into organizations at an astonishing rate. But it’s not just the amount of data that is proving to be a challenge for businesses to manage. It’s the variety of sources and formats that must be integrated to ...MORE »»

How to Optimize Your Sales and Other Business Processes in the Cloud

December 4, 2014

The cloud offers a host of potential benefits for businesses, including greater flexibility and lower costs. As a result, SAP customers are evaluating the impact and long-term value cloud computing can bring to their operations. Nonetheless, a cloud conversion project ...MORE »»

How to Transform Finance with SAP Simple Finance, Powered by SAP HANA

December 2, 2014

In this webinar, take a guided tour of the SAP Simple Finance solution, and how it makes financial tasks simple to perform by simplifying the execution of finance processes and analysis with a personalized, intuitive user experience and modern architecture. ...MORE »»

How to Simplify Your IT Setup with AP Automation Outside of SAP Systems

December 2, 2014

Organizations wanting to make accounts payable (AP) more efficient and cost-effective have no shortage of sophisticated solutions to choose from. But traditionally, there has always been one big obstacle in their way: the added complexity for users and IT that ...MORE »»

Keep Calm and Move to SAP HANA

November 20, 2014

Imagine what you can do with near real-time information about your enterprise: enhance the customer experience, strengthen your competitive advantage, and uncover and seize new opportunities for growth. SAP HANA is the fastest path to leveraging your data, and this ...MORE »»

Speed Information through the Enterprise: ECM for SAP

November 19, 2014

If all the information needed to make decisions and support the business was stored in SAP, life would be easy. But for most organizations, that is not the reality. Many SAP customers still struggle with information stored on paper, in ...MORE »»