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Legacy Decommissioning and System Consolidation

Enhance compliance and lower costs

February 11, 2016

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Innovations such as SAP HANA, cloud, mobile, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are increasingly pushing organizations to modernize legacy systems. Yet many organizations are prevented from making these types of system improvements because essential data and documents are trapped in old, obsolete systems. The same problem holds true for organizations that have grown rapidly through mergers and acquisitions. Over time, these organizations are left with a group of mismatched systems that are difficult to maintain and are not capable of supporting the organization’s plans for growth and change.

This white paper explores how organizations can migrate essential data and documents out of legacy SAP, non-SAP, or content management systems and retain them securely according to legal, fiscal and regulatory requirements. By using an SAP-centric plan for migrating data and documents out of legacy systems, organizations can safely retire legacy systems and achieve  strategic business goals such as: 

  • A significant reductionin IT costs by lessening  SAP system landscape complexity and eliminating the costly maintenance and data access problems associated with legacy systems.
  • Increased compliance with safe, secure, and easy access to legacy information for users, auditors, or other inquiries directly from SAP applications or selected content store.
  • System readiness to move to new, more agile solutions such as SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (SAP S/4 HANA) or new business models.

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