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American Snack Company Saves Millions by Improving SAP TM User Experience

Cloud-based user experience management software from Knoa helps logistics and warehousing better leverage SAP Transportation Management

by Pierce Owen, VP, Research, SAPinsider

February 14, 2020

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This research brief examines how an American snack company was able to improve the user experience, and better leverage SAP Transportation Management (TM) for supply chain visibility, transparency, and collaboration with its suppliers and customers to better plan truck loads and deliveries. SAPinsider recently interviewed Adrienne Racanelli, Account Executive at Knoa about the case of this snack company.

With aims to manage its supply chain at a world-class level with few to no delays, the snack company underwent a digital transformation. One of the goals of this transformation was to achieve a supply chain led by the needs of its customers, and to accomplish this, the company implemented SAP TM, which helps organizations plan truck loads and routes, consolidate orders, and improve real-time visibility into all transportation and shipping.

Unfortunately, even after implementing SAP TM, this snack company still experienced almost constant delays in deliveries.

To help combat these delays, the snack company implemented the SAP User Experience Management (SAP UEM) application by Knoa.

SAP UEM helped the snack company tie most of the delays in deliveries to a single type of conveyor belt report with multiple common errors.

In response, the snack company started holding all appropriate people accountable for accessing the report, finding errors in the report, and updating the report. It also implemented a new training program and continued to evaluate how managers interact with this report and the rest of SAP TM.

The snack company calculated that it now saves more than $30,000 per truck per year compared to previous operations. Multiply this by the many hundreds of trucks that it runs each day, and it has saved millions of dollars.

The full research brief explains how this snack company now leverages SAP products in a way that saves time and money across operations. Click here to download the full research brief.

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