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Over One-Third of SAP Customers Do Not Have the Infrastructure They Need to Execute SAP S/4HANA Plans

January 22, 2020

SAP customers can host their ERP workloads, SAP S/4HANA or otherwise, in three basic types of infrastructure: cloud, fully on-premise, or a hybrid landscape (meaning some components or ERP instances and workloads are in the cloud and others are... MORE »»

Streamlining Financial Processes in the Cloud

January 21, 2020

Finance departments now have many software tools and options at their disposal to automate and assist in budgeting, analysis, billing, accounting, purchasing, reporting, and more. Unfortunately, if these tools do not integrate and synchronize with the organization’s core ERP, deploying... MORE »»

Europeans Are Under Pressure to Centralize, While North Americans Are Demanding Agility in Their ERP Cloud Strategy

January 17, 2020

In a recent research paper, SAPinsider explored what was driving SAP customers' ERP cloud strategy. The responses included customers from across the globe, but we found significant and interesting differences in what is driving the approaches of customers from Europe... MORE »»

Bob's Discount Furniture Grows from 40 to More Than 120 Stores with Improved Warehouse Management

January 16, 2020

This research brief examines how Bob’s Discount Furniture implemented and leveraged SAP EWM to support its growth. SAPinsider recently interviewed Irene Valentine, Director of Applications and Development at Bob’s. Valentine managed and implemented SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) for five... MORE »»

Centralization of ERP Systems Helps Retail and Distribution Organizations to Align Fragmented Data Marts

January 10, 2020

In our recently published SAPinsider research report on SAP S/4HANA in the Cloud, SAP customers were asked about their ERP cloud strategy and the current status of their move to SAP S/4HANA. Here we share some of the key insights... MORE »»

SAP S/4HANA in the Cloud

December 30, 2019

When deploying SAP S/4HANA, customers have four basic choices for where they will implement: an on-premise migration, a hybrid implementation with some on-premise and some cloud components, an on-premise deployment of SAP S/4HANA hosted on a cloud infrastructure platform, or... MORE »»

Johns Hopkins Improves Inventory Management

December 26, 2019

Discover how inventory planners leverage core SAP ECC functionality to achieve lower inventory costs, close to 100% fulfillment and delivery accuracy, and fewer expedited orders.


European SAP Customers Get Most out of S&OP

December 16, 2019

Recent SAPinsider research explores the confluence of technologies that has hit the supply chain management (SCM) market and benchmarked the technologies leading companies are using to support their SCM strategies. Here, we examine the ways in which European survey respondents... MORE »»

New Product Introduction Solution Significantly Reduces Cycle Times

December 16, 2019

Among leading SAP supply chain customers — companies achieving significantly better supply chain business results than the competition — 29% chose shorter product lifecycles as one of the top drivers impacting their supply chain, according to SAPinsider research. To achieve... MORE »»

Intelligent PLM Benchmark Report

October 31, 2019

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can provide strategic value to an organization, driving top-and bottom-line improvements across the product lifecycle. However, powered by analytics tools that allow critical information to be accessed quickly and easily, Agile and Intelligent PLM is poised... MORE »»