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Drive SAP ERP HCM Adoption

April 9, 2014

Get tips to address your SAP ERP HCM usability and adoption challenges by enabling mobile access, providing casual users with easy, intuitive, and appealing UI, and empowering managers.

...MORE »»

How to Add Value to Your SAP Support Team Quickly and Easily

April 4, 2014

SAP® code change testing requirements are becoming an increasing priority for many customers. It is more important than ever that QAS and PRD systems are in sync, but in reality, SAP systems still get out-of-sync, resulting in invalid testing and ...MORE »»

Ensuring Faster SAP HANA Projects with Less Risk

March 17, 2014

Deploying SAP HANA involves substantial change to enterprise systems. Learn how SAP® customers can incorporate SAP HANA into their SAP landscape in a timely manner without disrupting their existing business operations. In this new whitepaper, Worksoft, an SAP Partner, explores ...MORE »»

How to Get the Most Out of SAP HANA — Before You Implement It

March 12, 2014

Will SAP HANA make a difference to our IT performance? How can we start on a path to ROI as quickly as possible after HANA implementation? Learn how IBIS is measuring bottlenecks in your system and pinpointing the data, scenarios ...MORE »»

Simplify the Complex Financial Reporting & Indirect Tax Landscape

March 11, 2014

Managing indirect tax processes and the finance systems that support tax can be complex.  However, it does not have to be a burden on your IT department or business analysts.  By combining ONESOURCE Indirect Tax from Thomson Reuters with SAP® ...MORE »»

A Short Guide: Quality in SAP Change Management

March 7, 2014

In SAP® environments, the need to accelerate the delivery of projects and changes increases every day. This acceleration disrupts the business and increases risk. Moving from a 3- to a 5-system landscape separates maintenance from projects, which decreases roll-out time ...MORE »»

11 Ways to Build and Manage a 21st Century Workforce

March 3, 2014

Read this e-book to learn how you can improve your business execution with solutions that span the entire employee lifecycle and hear from customers that have done just that. You'll also discover the advantage of a global partner ecosystem and ...MORE »»

Building a Better SAP Payment Process

February 28, 2014

While SAP solutions enable companies to maximize payment flow and gain greater control over their financial processes, it can require considerable effort and resources to maintain a correct and up-to-date bank master table. Applying the necessary updates manually while maintaining relationships and ...MORE »»

Using Service Virtualization to Speed Development in SAP Environments

January 24, 2014

This Executive Brief describes how service virtualization can be applied to SAP environments to drive faster development cycles, better quality, and lower cost. ...MORE »»

Simplifying Complex SAP Transactions with New Interfaces

January 6, 2014

Businesses know they can get more value out of their implementations of SAP solutions by streamlining data and transactions with simplified user interfaces that can be used across various platforms, but finding and implementation them in an SAP environment can ...MORE »»