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IDC Report: The ROI of Automated Business Process Validation

March 20, 2015

Today, it’s unacceptable to have process failures due to technology problems. Automation can help! Industry analyst firm IDC took an in-depth look at the value proposition driving top companies that use SAP solutions to adopt automated business process validation. Download ...MORE »»

Top 10 Lessons for Successful International SAP Rollouts

March 18, 2015

Any SAP rollout represents a major project. Language and cultural barriers make international rollouts even more challenging. This white paper highlights potential pitfalls and provides valuable guidance on how to make your rollouts a success. Topics covered range from how ...MORE »»

Case Study: How KION Controlled Data Growth and Improved Performance in SAP BW

March 16, 2015

Global forklift truck and warehouse technology leader, KION experienced tremendous system growth due to a series of major IT projects. After a number rollouts and developments, their SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) had grown to 11TB.  Seeing the need for ...MORE »»

What Company Growth Means for Your SAP System: ERP Upgrade Checklist

January 23, 2015

Three out of 4 business managers are concerned their current technology can’t keep up with company growth, and 25% plan to invest in ERP system upgrades to address gaps.  If big changes to your business systems and software are on ...MORE »»

Charting ECM’s Course from Document Management to Enterprise Information Hub

January 20, 2015

In this global study, IDG Research explores how organizations are integrating their core business systems with enterprise content management (ECM) information hubs to synchronize data and documents across the enterprise. Organizations still struggle with information stored outside of SAP – ...MORE »»

Building a Better SAP Payment Process

January 16, 2015

While SAP solutions enable companies to maximize payment flow and gain greater control over their financial processes, it can require considerable effort and resources to maintain a correct and up-to-date bank master table.  Applying updates manually, maintaining relationships and communicating ...MORE »»

Accounts Payable Automation for SAP

December 23, 2014

Traditional accounts payable (AP) departments face the challenges associated with manual vendor invoice processing on a daily basis. From high costs per invoice to inefficient processing methods, these common AP struggles can take away your company’s competitive advantage.  Luckily, there’s ...MORE »»

Projected Cost Analysis of the SAP HANA Platform: Cost Savings Enabled by Transitioning to the SAP HANA Platform

December 8, 2014

The key to operational IT success is through simplification. Today, more than ever, IT needs a way to accomplish this objective – and the SAP HANA platform is there to help.
Read this white paper to learn the benefits of ...MORE »»

A Simplified Approach to Global Process Management: How to Maximize Value of In-House or Outsourced Shared Services Centers

November 18, 2014

Increasingly, organizations are moving Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and other core business functions to in-house or outsourced shared services centers. While CFOs are looking to reduce costs and increase efficiency, the reality is that many organizations struggle with how to ...MORE »»

Automating Fax & Email Orders into SAP Systems: How to Bring Speed, Visibility and Accuracy to Every Phase of Order Processing

November 17, 2014

In a perfect world, every sales order your company receives would go straight into your SAP system. But in reality, orders sent by fax and email end up as paper that gets pushed around the office. And those are the ...MORE »»