Dr. Bjarne Berg, Comerit
Dr. Berg

Dr. Berg has extensive experience in implementing in-memory solutions for SAP analytics in Europe and in the USA. In addition to his SAP HANA work at ComeritLabs, he has also collaborated with IBM on testing, development, and benchmarking SAP HANA for BW solutions. He is a frequent speaker at SAPinsider conferences, including the annual BI and Reporting & Analytics conferences. Dr. Berg’s book SAP HANA: An Introduction, coauthored with Penny Silvia, is now in its second edition.


Advance Your BI Career in the Changing World of Database Technology

by Dr. Berg | July 6, 2015

Hear from industry expert Dr. Bjarne Berg, CIO at Comerit and Vice President SAP BI, NA/EMEA, who speaks about his career as a BI implementation consultant and his advice to others who want to break into the field of business...MORE »»


SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio: What’s New in Version 1.5

by Dr. Berg and Brandon Lucaciu | May 29, 2015

In this blog, we take a quick look at the new features included in version 1.5 of Design Studio. We also explore a few of the enhancements and additions to the tool and discover how these new features can enrich...MORE »»


Quickly Move Your SAP BW System to SAP HANA Using the Database Migration Option Tool: Q&A with Dr. Berg

by Dr. Berg | April 30, 2015

BI Expert author Dr. Bjarne Berg along with his COMERIT colleagues Rob Frye, Jesper Christensen, and Joe Darlak take readers' questions on BW database migration to SAP HANA using the DMO migration tool.


SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio: What’s New in Version 1.4

by Dr. Berg and Brandon Lucaciu | October 27, 2014

In this blog, Dr. Berg and Brandon Lucaciu take a close look at the interesting new features in version 1.4 of SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.



SAP Lumira – An Introduction

by Dr. Berg | July 22, 2014

Last year SAP enhanced their tool called Visual Intelligence and renamed it Lumira. In this blog Dr. Berg takes a quick look at some of the features of this cool tool and provide a couple of demos.MORE »»


BW is Dead – Long Live BW

by Dr. Berg and Brian Wood, Vice President and Product Strategist, SAP Labs | May 30, 2014

The introduction of BW 7.40 on HANA has resulted in something of a rebirth for BW, and this article summarizes the history, the current solution, and the potential future for this one of a kind solution.



SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio: What's New in Version 1.3

by Dr. Berg | May 22, 2014

In the second post in the series, Dr. Berg and Brandon Lucaciu take a deep look at what's new in the latest version of SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio. 



SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio – A Beginner’s Guide

by Dr. Berg | May 13, 2014

In this blog Dr. Berg takes a look at the features of Design Studio, exploring the basic functions and also look at the capabilities of this new interesting tool from SAP.



A Quick Tour of HANA for Beginners

by Dr. Berg | January 5, 2014

Review this quick tour of HANA, where Dr. Berg look at basic navigation, how to build tables, virtual tables, attribute and analytical views.MORE »»


BI Upgrade Q&A: Steps, best practices and tips for moving to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1

by Dr. Berg | December 17, 2013

BI expert Dr. Bjarne Berg and the ComeritLabs team took reader questions and shared tips based on their own recent BI 4.1 upgrade experiences.



Demo: SAP HANA and BusinessObjects Explorer with 1.2 Billion Rows

by Dr. Berg | December 9, 2013

This fall I worked with the University of Wisconsin and loaded 1.22 billion rows to their HANA system and put BO Explorer as the analytical tool.  In this demo we are looking at the unbelievable speed we saw.



What’s New in SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

by Dr. Berg | November 18, 2013

Dr. Berg and his team of developers at ComeritLabs have upgraded and been using BI 4.1 for the last eight weeks. In that time, they have had a chance to test some of the new features of WebI. In this blog,...MORE »»


What’s changing with SAP BusinessObjects BI Tools in 4.1?

by Dr. Berg | November 7, 2013

With their recent upgrade to SAP BusinessObject BI 4.1 SP1, Dr. Berg and the ComeritLabs team are now testing out the new features of SAP BusinessObjects tools. Join our online chat with them on November 7 to discuss...MORE »»


BI 4.1 and BusinessObjects Analysis – What Is New

by Dr. Berg | October 25, 2013

In the latest blog on SAP BI 4.1 upgrades, Dr. Berg reports on the changes and new features in SAP BusinessObjects Analysis. 



Upgrading SAP BI: Features of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.1

by Dr. Berg and Brandon Harwood | October 18, 2013

Dr. Berg's latest blog shares notes from a BI 4.0 server upgrade to SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.1 to assess its new functionality. The update to Dashboards provides some enhancements for support on mobile devices as well as improved object and...MORE »»


BOBJ BI Suite 4.1 – Upgrade Experience and New Features

by Dr. Berg and Michael Barker | October 7, 2013

Recently ComeritLabs updated one of our servers running the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0 suite to BI 4.1 SP1. This update to the application suite provides enhancements with the System Configuration Wizard, SAP Jam, SAP HANA Business Layer Wizard, and...MORE »»


The Many Changing Use Cases for SAP HANA (An Interview with Dr. Berg)

by Dave Hannon and Dr. Berg | September 27, 2013

In this interview, Dr. Berg discusses some of the more unique SAP HANA use cases and projects he's worked on. 



HANA Training Video Step-by-Step

by Dr. Berg | September 16, 2013

In this HANA Training Video blog we explore how to add tables in HANA, how to load data using BOBJ DataServices, how to build attribute and analytics views, how to build an information space and deploy your HANA date to...MORE »»


Real HANA Performance Test Benchmarks

by Dr. Berg | September 3, 2013

Over the last 8 months I have been working with a team of people to move a very large SAP BW system to HANA. Overall we moved data into a 15TB BW on HANA environment and tested almost 100 of...MORE »»

Q and A

Emerging best practices for SAP BW HANA data modeling & reporting: Q&A with Dr. Bjarne Berg (transcript)

by Dr. Berg and Molly Brien | August 6, 2013

The SAP HANA data model is still evolving. What’s in store for InfoCubes, and what’s the status of the LSA architecture? In the future, will we see more reporting directly from SAP ERP on SAP HANA? Comerit’s Dr. Bjarne Berg...MORE »»


New Tools for Managing Large Tables in HANA and for SAP BW on HANA

by Dr. Berg | July 4, 2013

In a 'scale-out' environment of SAP HANA, there may be many servers with InfoCubes and DSOs. Some of these can be so very large and accessed so very frequently that it can lead to bottlenecks, even for HANA. To fix...MORE »»


76 Steps in a BW-to-HANA Migration Workplan

by Dr. Berg | June 3, 2013

Many organizations are planning to move BW to HANA and are looking for information on how to do this. In this blog, Dr. Berg takes a look at some of the major tasks to consider when moving BW to HANA....MORE »»


Demo: SAP HANA, 426 million rows and BusinessObject tools

by Dr. Berg | May 21, 2013

In this blog we look at a demo of SAP BusinessObjects on HANA with 426 million rows and a BI Workspace with 3 Dashbaords, WebI, Analysis and Crystal Reports. By Dr. Berg h2 strong /strong /h2 p /pMORE »»


5 Key Steps on How to Move BW to SAP HANA

by Dr. Berg | May 12, 2013

In This video blog we look at five steps that helps you automate many of the tasks of moving SAP BW to HANA, including sizing, pre-checks, cleanup, ETL automated checks and HANA migration options. By Dr. Berg h2 /h2 p...MORE »»


SAP BW to HANA Migration ABAP Diagnostic Tool

by Dr. Berg | March 29, 2013

Many experienced developers are not aware that moving BW to HANA can in some cases result in slower transformations during data loads. Thankfully, SAP is providing a tool to identify areas in your ABAP code that may benefit from an...MORE »»


How to Automate HANA Sizing for SAP BW

by Dr. Berg | March 12, 2013

SAP has released an ABAP based tool that generates a report significantly better for sizing than using just the SAP QuickSizer. This program takes into consideration existing database compression, different table types, and also includes the effects of non-active data...MORE »»


Automate your BW to HANA Migration Readiness Check (v2.0)

by Dr. Berg | February 18, 2013

There are many tasks and technical requirements to migrate a BW system to HANA. This includes BW technical settings and software levels required to start the process. Thankfully, SAP has provided a checklist tool for SAP NetWeaver BW powered by...MORE »»


Dr. Bjarne Berg: Sizing BW on HANA

by Dr. Berg | February 14, 2013

Listen in as Dr. Bjarne Berg provides a preview to the presentation he is giving at BI 2013, "Strategies for budgeting, planning, and sizing your SAP NetWeaver BW on SAP HANA project." (More details at or on Twitter at...MORE »»


SAP NetWeaver DBA Cockpit for HANA - an Introduction

by Dr. Berg | January 25, 2013

Many do not know that there is a SAP NetWeaver DBA Cockpit for HANA that is integrated and which provides performance and system information in the BW interface. In this blog we take a quick look at some of the...MORE »»



by Dr. Berg | January 13, 2013

On Jan 10th, SAP Announced that SAP ERP can run on the in-Memory Platform called HANA. What does that mean to BW? Is data warehousing dead? Can we simply Report on ERP instead and skip data movement, DSOs, infoCubes, modeling...MORE »»


What to Expect in SAP BI for 2013: Dr. Berg on HANA & BusinessObjects, and the BW 5-year outlook

by Dr. Berg | December 10, 2012

Dr. Bjarne Berg shares his thoughts on data processing, what HANA means for BusinessObjects customers, and his 5-year outlook for BW. Listen in as Berg also addresses how Oracle's Exalytics and HANA will compete in this space, and offers some...MORE »»


Dashboards in HTML-5 and iPads - Experiences with SP05

by Dr. Berg | December 5, 2012

In this blog we look at the details of the new iPad and HTML-5 support in SAP Dashboards in service pack-5. We look at limitations, our experiences in ComeritLabs and what is planned for SP06, SDK and BI 4.1. By...MORE »»


Intro to HANA With Dr. Berg - Author of SAP Press' book on HANA

by Dr. Berg | November 30, 2012

An interview of the co-author of the new #1 best-selling HANA book from SAP Press on how HANA works, what it can do and how to implement with practical advice (9 minutes). Intro to HANA With Dr. BergMORE »»


5 More Quick BW Performance Tuning Ideas

by Dr. Berg | November 9, 2012

Another installment in the serie of BW performance tuning ideas. While not comprehensive, it is intended to increase the knowlegde of BW developers with hints, suggestions, explanations and references to SAP Notes that allows developer to improved BW Performance. In...MORE »»


DEMO: Loading Non-SAP Data to HANA

by Dr. Berg | November 2, 2012

In this demo I show you step-by-step how to load non-SAP data from files into new SAP HANA tables using SAP DataServices as the ETL tool. We also look at how browse the HANA system tables, display data, the admin...MORE »»


SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 and SP-5 for Mobile

by Dr. Berg | September 12, 2012

The New Mobile Features for Apple Mobile devices are planned to be included in SupportPack-5 from SAP. In this blog, we highlight some of the new capabilities arriving soon. by Dr. Berg Background Last week I was speaking with Matt...MORE »»


HANA Optimized InfoCubes and the Future of InfoCubes

by Dr. Berg | July 18, 2012

HANA Optimized InfoCubes The core of the new optional SAP HANA-optimized InfoCube is that when you assign characteristics and/or key figures to dimensions, while the system does not create any dimension tables except for the package dimension. Instead, the master...MORE »»


New features in 7.3: DB support & BW Workspaces

by Dr. Berg | July 2, 2012

Editor's note: A few weeks back, Dr. Berg spoke with SAPexperts editor Scott Wallask ( @BI_ScottWIS ) on upgrades to BW 7.3. You can listen to that podcast here . Today's post adds to Berg's 7.3 upgrade advice, highlighting some...MORE »»


BW 7.3 features for faster data loads

by Dr. Berg | June 21, 2012

One of the quantum leaps for BW 7.3 release is in its data load features. To start, there are several new data load options in 7.3. Now you can create generic delta extraction for the Universal Data (UD) & Database...MORE »»


The Business Case for HANA - Some Ideas

by Dr. Berg | May 31, 2012

In this blog we look at some ideas how how to get started writing a business case for HANA. By Dr. Berg Four Anchors for your HANA Business case The first step in planning for HANA is to write a...MORE »»


Dr. Berg on upgrading to BW 7.3

by Dr. Berg | May 25, 2012

Listen in on Dr. Bjarne Berg;s recent podcast with BI Expert's Scott Wallask about the "inevitable" move to 7.3. In this preview of Dr. Berg's BI 2012 session in Milan in June, Dr. Berg highlights the "giant leap forward" of...MORE »»


Installing HANA - The Details on What and How

by Dr. Berg | May 23, 2012

In this third blog on our HANA Implementation with with ComeritLabs, IBM Labs and SAP press, we are looking at the components required to install SAP HANA. This part of the process of co-authoring the new SAP HANA book with...MORE »»


A Look at The SAP HANA Hardware: Our Install is Complete

by Dr. Berg | May 13, 2012

As I mentioned in my last blog, Penny Silva and I are working with IBM Labs, ComeritLabs and SAP press on developing a new text book for HANA. In the process we are building a complete HANA system with the...MORE »»


New HANA Introduction book from SAP Press

by Dr. Berg | April 27, 2012

There are very little in-terms of practical published material on HANA, except for some training books and some PowerPoint and blogs. However, this is about to change with the new HANA Introduction book from SAP Press. by Dr. Berg The...MORE »»


Dashboards in HTML-5 and the Zen the BEx Web Application Designer Killer

by Dr. Berg | April 26, 2012

As many know, Flash for mobile devices are “dead” and Adobe has announced that after releasing version 11.1 it would no longer continue to develop new releases for mobile (that is how SAP render dashboards). On a call last week...MORE »»


BW 7.3 upgrade notes: Splitting stacks in BW 7.3

by Dr. Berg | April 13, 2012

By Dr. Berg BW 7.3 migrations always raises questions about the Java-ABAP stack. Here are some quick notes: While ‘double stack’ upgrades are still possible, SAP NetWeaver Java 7.3 is now included with BW 7.3. So the short story is...MORE »»


BI 4.0 – The BI Launchpad Step-by-Step Demo - Functionality and Interface

by Dr. Berg | March 29, 2012

In this fifth demo, of the BusinessObjects tools, we look at the BI Launchpad and provide an 11 minutes demo on features such as BI workspaces, Public folders, search, sharing reports, favorites and much more. We also look at how...MORE »»


BI 4.0 - Analysis for OLAP Step-by-Step Demo - Functionality and Interface

by Dr. Berg | March 11, 2012

In this fourth demo, of the BusinessObjects tools, we look at the web based OLAP tool called Analysis for OLAP. This five minutes demo show the use of drill-downs, conditional formatting, adding calculations, filtering, basic graphing and more, so that...MORE »»


BI 4.0 - WebI Step-by-Step Demo - Functionality and Interface

by Dr. Berg | February 28, 2012

In this third demo, of the BusinessObjects tools, we look at the ad-hoc query tool called WebIntelligence. This demo show the development of a sales report based on SAP BW and demonstrate typical tasks such as formatting, filtering, graphing, inserting...MORE »»


BI 4 - Xcelsius Demo (BOBJ Dashboards) - Functionality and Interface

by Dr. Berg | February 23, 2012

In this second demo, of the BusinessObjects tools, we look at the tool now known simply as “dashboards”. This demo we take show an “annual invoice dashboard” with links to WebI and Crystal reports. By Dr. Berg B ackground Xcelsius...MORE »»


BI 4.0 Explorer Demo of Functionality and Interface

by Dr. Berg | February 18, 2012

Since I know many are still unsure what the differences are between the different BusinessObjects tools, I and my employees at ComeritLabs have built a series of blogs and movies to demo each of the tools. I start with BI...MORE »»


HybridProviders in BW 7.3 – Linking historical data in BWA to real-time data

by Dr. Berg | February 17, 2012

By Dr. Berg To speed up query execution and also get access to ‘near-time’ and ‘real-time’ data in BW, look at the new "HybridProvider". The core idea is to link the historical data inside BWA with real-time data. Currently, there...MORE »»


BusinessObjects XI 3.1 SP3, SP4 and SP5 - What is in them?

by Dr. Berg | February 6, 2012

In the last two weeks I have been working with several clients who are experiencing performance issues in their BusinessObjects XI 3.1 environments and are looking for ways to improve this with ServicePack ugrades while planning for their BI 4.x...MORE »»


Using Query as a Web Service (QaaWS) in Xelsisus Dashboards

by Dr. Berg | February 2, 2012

In this Blog we look at some of the options and steps of using Query as a Web Service in Xcelsius. I also take a look at the benefits and limitations of this popular interface to external data and services....MORE »»


A Test of IPad and Android Tablets with BusinessObjects 4.0 Tools

by Dr. Berg | January 26, 2012

Last wek I had my empoloyees at Comerit Labs test BI 4.0 and BOBJ tools on two mobile devices (Toshiba Thrive 10.1 on Android and the Apple Ipad2). The main purpose was to achieve an end-user perspective of BI 4.0...MORE »»


How-to Use Cognos v8.4 and v10 on SAP BW Data

by Dr. Berg | January 10, 2012

In this Blog we look at some of the options for connecting your SAP BW system to IBM’s Cognos suite of tools in their 8.4 and 10 versions. By Dr. Berg Cognos Background Cognos is a company that has provided...MORE »»


BOBJ Multi-Source Universe (MSU) Explained

by Dr. Berg | November 21, 2011

The MSU allows you to link BW data and non-BW data in a universe and accessing it by many of the BusinessObjects tools. In this blog, I look at the benefits and limitations of this interface and provide some guidelines...MORE »»


Mobile Flash is ‘Dead’ – The Impact to Xcelsius

by Dr. Berg | November 11, 2011

Adobe just announced that after releasing version (!), it would no longer continue to develop new releases of Flash. Unfortunately, this is also how we render SAP Xcelsius dashboards. So what is the impact to you? By Dr. Berg...MORE »»


Buying Standard Xelsisus Dashboards – What Should be Included?

by Dr. Berg | October 31, 2011

In this blog we look at what is required to buy standard Xcelsius dashboards off-the-shelf and implement these in your organization. In doing so, we look at some of the design features you may want to require in your toolset....MORE »»


BI Self Service Risks 5 & 6: Security and PowerPockets

by Dr. Berg | October 28, 2011

In this fourth and last installment of this blog series, we are exploring risk # 5 and 6 of BI self-service and how to overcome this. We are looking at security risk and deployment risk of creating PowerPockets in an...MORE »»


How to Overcome BI Self-Service Risks 3 and 4

by Dr. Berg | October 21, 2011

In this third installment of a blog series, we are exploring risk # 3 and 4 of BI self-service and how to overcome this. We are looking at how you can maintain report consistency in an environment where hundreds of...MORE »»


The Risks of BI Self-Service - Risk #2

by Dr. Berg | October 12, 2011

In this second installment of a six-blog serie, we are exploring risk #2 of BI self-service and how to overcome this. We are looking at how you can maintain report consistency in an environment where hundreds of people can create...MORE »»


The Risks and Benefits of BI Self-Service

by Dr. Berg | October 10, 2011

Many are starting to use BI self-service and in this blog I look at the benefits and risks of deployment based on the concept of BI-self-service in the business with information consumers as the majority of users. The idea hehind...MORE »»


The SAP BI and ERP Survey Results – Key Factors for Outsourcing

by Dr. Berg | September 29, 2011

Since there are little facts and figures available on actual SAP outsourcing I decided to collect some real data. For two years I collected 1,889 surveys from participants at four major SAP conferences and worked with Dr. Stylianou at the...MORE »»


The SAP Turnaround – Finally Back on Track?

by Dr. Berg | September 27, 2011

After extreme expansion in the last two decades, has SAP lost steam? That is the question from many customers and investors. In this blog, we look at the mixed messages from the performance of SAP during the recession and explore...MORE »»


The Impact of ERP and BI Outsourcing - Real numbers

by Dr. Berg | September 13, 2011

In the SAP community there is a significant volume of ‘chatter’ about lost IT jobs, ERP and BI outsourcing, Software-as-a-Service and cloud computing. In this blog, we will look at some real numbers and see how facts may provide a...MORE »»


Xcelsius: Adding Localized Budgeting - An example

by Dr. Berg | September 7, 2011

By Dr. Berg In this blog we look at how Xcelsius can be used for localized budgeting for a company. The example is intended to show how developers can add interactive features to their dashboards, instead of merely presenting actuals...MORE »»


Xcelsius Flexibility Guide for Dashboards – with Examples

by Dr. Berg | August 24, 2011

In this blog we will take a look at a few examples of interactive dashboard features for Xcelsius. By using these capabilities, you can avoid searching for the ‘ultimate’ requirements and meet multiple requests. Following these ideas, you can increase...MORE »»


The BI Service Level Agreement Checklist

by Dr. Berg | August 19, 2011

In this blog we will look at the top-10 questions you want to address in a Service Level Agreement with your internal, or outsourced, IT partner. If your SLA covers all this, you probably have the majority of items covered....MORE »»


Analysis is Replacing BEx- Who is impacted?

by Dr. Berg | August 2, 2011

By Dr. Berg A Lovable Child Has Many Names "Analysis" started out as a BusinessObjects tool prior to the SAP acquisition. It was then known as "Voyager". However, during the update of the tool, the name was changed to "Pioneer"....MORE »»


The BI 4.0 Install - Things to Plan for

by Dr. Berg | July 10, 2011

By Dr. Berg There seems to be a lot of confusion about the components of BI 4.0 and what is really required to make it work from a compatibility standpoint. This is despite an excellent job from SAP to publish...MORE »»


The Death of ASAP? Selecting the Right BI methodology - A White paper

by Dr. Berg | July 1, 2011

by Dr. Berg This long blog (actually a mini-white paper), explores some of the SAP BI methodology choices and approaches to gather business requirements from a current and historical perspective. It also proposes a framework for deciding which SAP BI...MORE »»


Advanced Trend Forecasting in BPC/Excel – Step-by-Step example

by Dr. Berg | June 26, 2011

By Dr. Berg Every spring I teach a Management Science class for MBA’s where we cover the latest in advanced forecasting. For example, in ECC we have options that use factors to discover and adjust for weekly trends, underlying growth...MORE »»


Getting Xcelsius Requirements – A Real Example

by Dr. Berg | June 22, 2011

Yesterday I was contacted by a large car manufacturing company asking how to approach the building of dashboards and how to get the ‘right’ requirements. They asked if ASAP was the best methodology for this work. The answer is ‘not...MORE »»


Xcelsius Step-By-Step: using Query as a web Service (QaaWs)

by Dr. Berg | June 13, 2011

By Dr. Berg A few years back, I saw a great presentation by Joerg Boeke that covered QaaWs and decided to give it a try -- and it worked!! In this blog and will cover the steps so that you...MORE »»


BW 7.3 News from BI at Amsterdam

by Dr. Berg | June 9, 2011

By Dr. Berg I just finished a session on how to do a BW 7.3 upgrade at the BI conference in Amsterdam (download your copy at SAP Insider), and had a lot of great questions. In this blog, I will...MORE »»


The Four Approaches to Implementing Standard BI Solutions

by Dr. Berg | May 31, 2011

Over the last decade, SAP has offered a packaged enterprise data warehouse (BW) and BI solutions for your ERP system. Today, many customers are looking at ways to implement these and newer tools. Unfortunately, frequently the customer's approach to packaged...MORE »»


Outsourcing BW and BI – When Does it Make Sense?

by Dr. Berg | May 27, 2011

By Dr. Berg This fall in Las Vegas, I will be speaking at the new SAP outsourcing Conference (Nov -2-4).. Unfortunately, too many companies I work with make the decision to outsource SAP, and do not stop and think of...MORE »»


WebI Query Stripping - Keeping Current in the XI 3.1 and BI 4.0 Environments

by Dr. Berg | May 24, 2011

By Dr. Berg Keeping current with Fix-Packs and SupportPacks for SAP BusinessObjects XI-3.1 has been a challenge for many companies. Some are simply waiting for BI-4.0 and have given up keeping their system current. That is a mistake. For example,...MORE »»


The HANA facts from the floor of ASUG/Sapphire 2011

by Dr. Berg | May 18, 2011

By Dr. Berg Sapphire/ASUG annual conference 2011 in Orlando is almost over. So what is the key buzz? Hana, Hana and Hana... It has been all about in-memory processing. Let us look at a few details that SAP has provided...MORE »»


A BW 7.3 Upgrade this Summer?

by Dr. Berg | May 7, 2011

By Dr. Berg I know there are rumors that SAP will delay the 7.3 release of BW that is planned for May 30th, 2011. That would be a shame. Why consider BW 7.3? The much awaited 7.2 release was cancelled...MORE »»


BOBJ Analysis is here - is BEx Dead yet?

by Dr. Berg | May 4, 2011

By Dr. Berg Is "Voyager"-MORE »»


The Road to HANA

by Dr. Berg | April 29, 2011

By Dr. Berg HANA is creating a 'buzz' in the SAP world and beyond. The idea of gradually transitioning to in-memory processing for transaction processing as well as BI is compelling. But what HANA really? First of all, currently HANA...MORE »»


SAP BPC for International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

by Dr. Berg | April 24, 2011

By: Dr. Berg Global Reporting Standards and the US As the world merges into a logical unit (yes it is happening), multinational companies are paying an increasing costs of BI systems that have to submit to local governments different financial...MORE »»


BPC on BW - is it ready for prime-time?

by Dr. Berg | April 12, 2011

By: Dr. Berg In 2007 SAP acquired the planning software company called OutlookSoft. This was a boutique vendor with a growing customer base that wanted an alternative to the myriad of planning tools from the ERP vendors. Previously, SAP had...MORE »»


Top 10 Transactions for BWA Management

by Dr. Berg | April 7, 2011

By. Dr. Berg BW-Accelerator is no-longer a technology toddler. It has reached school age and many of the childhood limitations are no longer present. Actually, it can now deliver on many of the promises of this 21 st century technology...MORE »»


The Need for SAP BWA

by Dr. Berg | April 4, 2011

By Dr. Berg Yesterday, my ten year old kid bought a 64GB RAM Apple gizmo. A gizmo that has more memory than many of the BI application severs leveraged by large companies. Why is that? Google does not rely on...MORE »»


More BI7.x Performance Tips and Tricks

by Dr. Berg | March 9, 2011

By Dr. Berg In this second installement of a blog serie on performance tuning, I want to share some of the observations we discussed in the on-line BI performance Q&A today at SAP Insider Forum. We had many great questions...MORE »»


Top-10 BI 7.x performance tuning tips

by Dr. Berg | February 24, 2011

By Dr. Berg TOP-10 BI 7.x Performance Tuning Tricks Lately my team and I has been working on performance tuning efforts for BI7.x customers. Much of the performance issues are due to technical configuration and some fixes are rather simple....MORE »»


Tips on implementing BW-Accelerator (BWA)

by Dr. Berg | February 9, 2011

All SAP teams want their solutions to run as quickly and efficiently as possible. When it comes to SAP NetWeaver BW performance, there is a solution that can help make this happen: SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator. Here are some best...MORE »»


Major BI tools available in the market - comparing Oracle-SAP-IBM and others

by Dr. Berg | January 7, 2011

by Dr. Berg There seems to be a real confusion about the different BI tool categories and why SAP has so many types of tools. There is a lack of understanding of what Managed Query Environment (MQE), OLAP, Report, data...MORE »»


BW 7.3 Feature map

by Dr. Berg | January 5, 2011

By Dr. Berg I was recently asked by a client to put together a map of major new features in the last four versions of SAP Business Warehouse, so that he could make the decision if he wanted to upgrade...MORE »»


A Picture Guide to SAP Dashboard Tools

by Dr. Berg | October 30, 2010

I just finished delivering 3 sessions and 6 hours of material on how to pick the Dashboard tool that is right for an organization. After an additional 15 more demos at the Reporting and Analytics conference in Florida, I think...MORE »»


Fun at Reporting and Analytics 2010 in Orlando

by Dr. Berg | October 26, 2010

Sitting here at R&A 2010, it is great to see a lot of attendees and a fantastic venue. For the first time we are next door to the Magic Kingdom, inside Disney World, with a monorail system running through the...MORE »»


What Should I pay - Some BI survey results

by Dr. Berg | October 13, 2010

By Dr. Berg In the new economic environment with almost 10% unemployment in the UK and US and high everywhere else, there are a lot of nervousness about jobs, pay and the future of BI organizations. So, throughout the last...MORE »»


With Bw 3.5 almost out of support - why BI 7.x?

by Dr. Berg | June 24, 2010

- By Dr. Berg When SAP launched SAP BW 2004s in the summer of 2005, and made it generally available under the name BI 7.0 in March 2006, there were many questions about the need to upgrade. First, SAP promised...MORE »»


Outsourcing BW - Does it make sense?

by Dr. Berg | June 16, 2010

-- by Dr. Berg A long time ago, a t the first 'Meet-the-Expert' sessions at first WIS SAP BI conference in 2003, I was asked if outsourcing BW ever would make sense by many of the participants. This was a...MORE »»


Federated Vs. Centeralized Vs. De-centeralized Data warehouse

by Dr. Berg | June 7, 2010

-- by Dr. Berg Last fall I was speaking at an SAP conference in Australia and was asked what the realistic options were for developing EDWs. After 20 years in this field, I strongly believe that there are only three...MORE »»


The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Top -10 Pitfalls

by Dr. Berg | May 14, 2010

I am often asked what are the top-10 issues and mistakes made when using SAP BI as an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). At the Information Management Conference 2010, I sat down and spent some time thinking about all the issues...MORE »»