Rohana Gunawardena, Quality Systems & Software
Rohana Gunawardena

Rohana Gunawardena is the SAP practice director at Quality Systems & Software, a specialist SAP consulting firm. Rohana has been working with SAP solutions since 1992, focusing on the order-to-cash process with emphasis on global rollouts, business segment reporting, cross-module integration, and the financial impact of supply chain management transactions. Rohana has spoken at many SAP conferences, including SAPinsider’s Financials events, and has published more than 20 magazine articles on various aspects of SAP. He is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.

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Financials Presentation: Reducing the Complexity of SAP GL Configurations

by Rohana Gunawardena | May 12, 2015

In this excerpt from the Financials 2014 session "Lessons and Tips to Reduce the Complexity Surrounding SAP General Ledger Configurations" by Rohana Gunawardena, review his advice on converting GL accounts using Open Item Management.MORE »»


FI-CO Tuneups and Pitfalls: Q&A with Rohana Gunawardena on New SAP Functionality for Optimizing Finance

by Rohana Gunawardena | April 29, 2015

What are your first steps to tune and optimize your current Financial Accounting and Controlling processes and data? How will SAP ERP enhancement package 7 impact your FI processes? Financials 2015 speaker Rohana Gunawardena takes readers' questions on fine tuning...MORE »»


Rohana Gunawardena on SAP Financials

by Rohana Gunawardena | March 27, 2015

Rohana Gunawardena, Director, SAP Practice, Quality Systems & Software, discusses some of the latest trends in financials for SAP customers, including new functionality for SAP General Ledger included in enhancement pack 7 for SAP ERP Financials.



Functionality and Performance Improvements for Currency Valuation in the SAP General Ledger

by Rohana Gunawardena | March 5, 2014

Learn about FAGL_FCV, the new currency valuation transaction for SAP General Ledger in SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) 6.0 enhancement package 5. Find out why SAP has provided a new option, when it is necessary to use this transaction,...MORE »»

Q and A

What a global rollout means for your local SAP Financials processes: Q&A with Financials 2013 speaker Rohana Gunawardena

by Allison Martin and Rohana Gunawardena | July 25, 2013

How can a global SAP ERP rollout make the most of standard templates, but still meet currency and accounting requirements for local Finance teams? Rohana took questions in a live Q&A covering topics such as preparing local Finance teams for...MORE »»


Group Currency Impact on Controlling; Preview of Session at SAP Financials Amsterdam

by Rohana Gunawardena | April 13, 2013

At SAP Financials Amsterdam I will be presenting two sessions on controlling "A practical guide to navigating your controlling options in SAP” and “Where is your SAP controlling data hiding? Tips and techniques for identifying and analyzing CO data”. SAP...MORE »»


Managing Controlling (CO) for better Financials performance : Q&A with Financials 2013 speaker Rohana Gunawardena (transcript)

by Rohana Gunawardena | March 13, 2013

The Controlling (CO) module is often underutilized or misunderstood – particularly when it comes to Controlling Area structures. How can you plan your Controlling Area structures to make the most of the SAP Financials functionality you already have?  Financials 2013...MORE »»


Financials tip from Rohana Gunawardena: Controlling Areas pitfalls and cross-company controlling

by The Tip Doctor and Rohana Gunawardena | March 12, 2013

This tip from SAPexpert author and Financials conference speaker Rohana Gunawardena details his best practices for setting up controlling areas and the reasons to reduce controlling areas. Do you want to set up your system for multiple company codes to...MORE »»


Controlling options in SAP: Recent podcast with SAPInsider Financials speaker Rohana Gunawardena of Quality Systems and Software

by Allison Martin and Rohana Gunawardena | February 20, 2013

Listen in on this interview with Financials expert Rohana Gunawardena on Controlling options in SAP. Rohana discusses how underutilized Internal Orders seems be, the benefits of the tool for cost monitoring, and its value for even smaller projects.MORE »»


Controlling Options in SAP

by Allison Martin and Rohana Gunawardena | February 19, 2013

Short podcast with Financials 2013 speaker, Rohana Gunawardena, Director at Quality Systems and SoftwareMORE »»

Q and A

Q&A with Rohana Gunawardena on Automating Financial Processes (Transcript)

by Gary Byrne, Senior Editor, SAPinsider and Rohana Gunawardena | April 4, 2012

In a brief interview, Financials expert Rohana Gunawardena of Quality Systems & Software answered questions about tips for optimizing FI, configuring SD and FI, and integrating FI and MM.MORE »»


Financials Expert Rohana Gunawardena on better managing your GL configuration and processes

by Gary Byrne, Senior Editor, SAPinsider and Rohana Gunawardena | March 13, 2012

Listen here to Financials Expert editor Gary Byrne's interview with Rohana Gunawardena of Quality Systems & Software.  In addition to technical advice on currency, training, and integration issues, he also includes a pointed challenge to Financials teams dealing with issues...MORE »»