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Give Decisive Knowledge to Users in Asset-Intensive Industries

by Dr. Achim Krüger

How does an organization navigate through its oceans of data, and translate it into information and knowledge to be used for actionable decision making? This article reviews how big data is being made accessible to business users in asset-intensive industries, ... MORE »»

Launching the User-Experience Revolution


Nucleus Research Vice President Rebecca Wettemann discusses the evolution of the user experience, with line of business users now having much more input into enterprise applications than in years past. In this Q&A, Wettemann addresses reasons ... MORE »»

Cybersecurity & Privacy

Security lock by Joshua Greenbaum

A personal discussion about cybersecurity during a visit to SAP headquarters led analyst Joshua Greenbaum to muse on SAP’s role in promoting “responsible use” in its approach to cybersecurity. Greenbaum discusses how the traditional “notice-and-consent” framework ... MORE »»

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