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Real-Time Insights to Forge Deeper Relationships with Your Customers

by Amr El Meleegy

The next step in the evolution of SAP HANA is becoming the foundation for a new generation of real-time applications such as SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence. This application enables highly targeted marketing campaigns and fosters deeper relationships with ... MORE »»

Enhance Efficiency and Accuracy with Predictive Analytics

by Sascha Schubert

Today’s abundance of data is creating ample opportunities for organizations to leverage analytics for a clear picture of their business and customers. The convergence of big data, social media, sensor data, and mobile devices makes it more important than ever ... MORE »»

Customize Your Analytics So They Are Relevant and Actionable to Each Stakeholder

by Arun Narayanan

Learn about the practical importance of real-time analytics, and the importance of determining what data is relevant and what isn’t. Insights at the operational level can be achieved by personalized dashboards that help make data consumable across the organization.

... MORE »»

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