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Sample Chapter from Getting Started with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Download this sample chapter, The Application Design Process, and get a step-by-step tutorial to build a simple application with Design Studio. From assigning your data sources to testing your application, get the big picture.

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Transforming Work Is Easy as Pie

SAPinsider Social Collaboration special report — Hamrick by Stephen Hamrick

Learn about work patterns from SAP Jam, which allow companies to integrate their business processes for greater efficiency. Enhancing flexibility and capability, SAP Jam allows for the effortless sharing of knowledge, records, and strategy among employees across the entire organization.

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How to Succeed — and Lead — in the Digital Transformation Era

SAPinsider Social Collaboration special report — Patel by Sameer Patel

Many established businesses are finding their market shares threatened by innovative new companies that leverage efficient networks of sellers and buyers. Read about how social collaboration software is enabling larger companies to remain agile and adaptable in the face of ... MORE »»

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Whet Your Appetite for Singapore Information

by Ken Murphy, Features Editor

SAP’s B-TECH: Anything But Old School

by Katie Van Adzin, Assistant Editor

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