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SAP Customers of All Sizes Can Mine Digital Insights

Brookfield Zoo cast sudy by Ken Murphy, Senior Features Editor

What if you could determine the ideal place and time to advertise to your customers that would have the greatest impact on your marketing efforts? In today’s digital economy, marketing campaigns can become even more targeted when leveraging SAP Digital... MORE »»

Analytics Is the Key to Efficient Application Delivery

Basis Analytics by Darren Thorpe

New business intelligence (BI) technologies enable companies to harness and drive insights from vast amounts of customer data. But external data isn’t the only resource companies can draw on. Internal data, such as system performance data, is also a vital... MORE »»

Modern Analytics for the Live Business

SAP Analytics by Jayne Landry

The amount of structured and unstructured data flowing into today’s businesses is overwhelming — and can make or break an organization in the digital age. If it remains siloed and disorganized, it‘s difficult to generate the timely, enterprise-wide insights required... MORE »»

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BI 2017, HANA 2017, and Basis & SAP Administration 2017: Keynote Recap

by Nicole D'Angelo, SAPinsider Assistant Editor

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