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Convert Sequential Value Chain Processes into Product Networks

Product network thumb By Garrett Miller and Mike Lackey and Dr. Achim Krüger

With IoT and other technologies continuously advancing and customer demand increasing, it’s more important than ever to move away from working in silos and into integrated models within a flexible network. In this article, learn how the power of a ... MORE »»

Transform the Supply Chain and Logistics into Demand Networks

Demand network thumbnail By Martin Barkman and Patrick Crampton-Thomas and Markus Rosemann

Today’s savvy and demanding consumers require businesses to turn their attention to demand-driven and responsive practices. Learn how SAP solutions can help transform previously linear supply chain into a customer-centric demand network.

... MORE »»

A Foundation for the Future

SAPinsider Lifecycle Management Matters column thumbnail By Karl Kessler

In this column, SAP’s Karl Kessler reveals what to expect with the upcoming release of SAP NetWeaver 7.5. He highlights the market changes that have necessitated a new foundation, details SAP NetWeaver 7.5’s new features, and how this release sets ... MORE »»

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