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Don’t Get Stuck in the Past — Predict the Future

TechEd spotlight article By Bernd Leukert

SAP’s Bernd Leukert explains the importance of adapting to the digital economy and transforming your business. Read on to find out how to embrace this new era of business and leverage technology with SAP S/4HANA.

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How to Navigate a Successful Cloud Journey

HANA Enterprise Cloud thumbnail By Mark Oakey

In this column, SAP’s Mark Oakey walks through the steps to build a cloud roadmap. He explains where to start, why SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is an optimal springboard to the cloud, and the benefits of SAP Business Suite 4 ... MORE »»

JetBlue's Financial Planning Takes Off

Take of with JetBlue By Natalie Miller

Expansion and growth has always been a primary concern for JetBlue Airways. The company’s legacy financial reporting system, however, struggled to keep up with the airline’s forecasting demand. See how SAP Business Planning and Consolidation powered by SAP HANA helped JetBlue ... MORE »»

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