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From Reactive to Proactive

Customer Advisory Group By Gary Dickhart

Changes in an organization, like new solutions or acquisitions and reorganizations, can cause negative affects like increased workload and confusion. As a result, important tasks can be swept aside and goals put off target. Read this article to see how ... MORE »»

Simple, Secure Access to Business Applications

SAPinsider Security column thumbnail By Donka Dimitrova

Today, there is a real need to provide easy, secure, and reliable access to business processes and solutions outside of a company’s four walls. Employees want to be able to do their work from home or on the road from ... MORE »»

Comprehensive, Harmonized Support for Your Hybrid Landscape

SAP ONE Support By Dr. Heike Laube

Moving solutions to the cloud is becoming more attractive to companies as it offers benefits such as lower costs and enhanced hosting options. However, it is common practice to keep some applications on premise, creating complex hybrid landscapes. This article ... MORE »»

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