Is this a new site?

This is a new site that combines the content from the former sites for SAPinsider, insiderPROFILES, and the Insider Learning Network onto a single platform. All members of those sites will have full access to the content on the new SAPinsider Online.

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Who is this site for?

SAPinsider Online is a destination site for SAP customers, partners and other interested parties looking to get the latest insights and ideas about SAP solutions and the entire SAP ecosystem.  Visitors receive strategic direction and guidance from top SAP executives, practical advice from experts on how to make the most of your investment in SAP technology, and best practices from SAP customers. 

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What kind of content will I find on this site?

This site includes articles, special reports, case studies, podcasts, videos, online forums, blogs, white papers, webinars and more all focused on getting the most out of your SAP technology and solutions. The content ranges from strategic insights and business best practices to technical and functional tips for SAP professionals

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Is this the web site for SAPinsider magazine?

Yes, this is the online home for both SAPinsider magazine and insiderPROFILES magazine. Each magazine has its own section on this site under the “magazines” link in the top navigation bar. You can search for articles or browse the magazine archives there.  You can subscribe to receive the print magazines by clicking on the “subscribe” button on the top right and following the steps. 

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Who typically visits SAPinsider Online?

SAPinsider Online serves a global audience of executives, managers, consultants, and implementation and development teams who are decision-makers for their SAP systems. The content is aimed at professionals charged with maximizing the return on their company’s multi-million dollar investment in SAP technology.

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What are the benefits to subscribing to SAPinsider Online?

Creating a free membership to SAPinsider Online provides you with access to member-only materials and timely updates about new content and offers from the site.  For more details, please visit the Why Subscribe page.

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How will I know when new content is available?

You can subscribe to our e-mail newsletter or use one of the RSS feeds available on this page. You can also follow us on Twitter at @SAPinsider for updates

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I'd like to write for one of the outlets on SAPinsider Online. How do I find out more?

If you’re interested in contributing to SAPinsider magazine, please contact group editor Melanie Obeid ( for more information.

And if you're a customer, analyst, consultant, or thought leader with a story to tell in insiderPROFILES, please contact Lauren Bonneau ( for more information.

If you are interested in becoming a featured blogger, please contact Dave Hannon at

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Can I access my SAPinsider conference materials on this site?

Registered attendees to SAPinsider conferences can access their materials on this site under the "Conferences and Seminars" tab at the top of the page. Approximately one week prior to the event all session presentations, appendixes, and additional resources will be accessible to you when you log in.

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Can I submit my press release for consideration?

Yes. We want to hear about what's happening in the SAP space – including your company's developments. Send your release to

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How can I advertise or become a sponsor of SAPinsider Online?

SAPinsider Online has a variety of opportunities for sponsorship and advertising. Please visit our online media kit for more information about online advertising and sponsorship opportunities. 

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I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

If you need to reset your password, click the "Forgot your password? Click here." link on the login screen. You will then receive an email with instructions to reset your password.

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I am having trouble subscribing/logging in. Who can I contact?

If you are having trouble with your account, our customer service team will be happy to help you. Email or call +1 781-751-8799.

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My question isn't here. What should I do?

Our customer service team can help you with any issue you are having. Feel free to contact us at or call +1 781-751-8799, so we can get your question answered!

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