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Platform Perspectives
Building a Digital Business with APIs

by Dr. Harsh Jegadeesan and Holger Bruchelt | 01/31/2017

Digital enterprises enjoy a variety of advantages, including sophisticated customer experiences and seamless supplier collaboration. Fortunately, any organization can realize these benefits — all you need are effective applications that enable digital interactions. These digital interactions are made possible by open application programming interfaces (APIs), which are the building blocks of innovative applications in the digital age. This article examines two tools provided by SAP for managing and using APIs — SAP HANA Cloud Platform, API management and SAP API Business Hub — and how best to use them. 

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Gain Real-Time Visibility into Processes Across Your Landscape

by Peter McNulty and Stephan Schluchter | 10/10/2016

Effective business processes are the key to efficiency and productivity. That’s why it’s vital that organizations have a means of taking a deep, analytic look at their process performance. But occasional deep insights sometimes aren’t enough — to identify and solve problems quickly, you also need visibility into the daily operations of processes across your landscape, and the ability to turn that information into instant action. Learn how SAP Operational Process Intelligence provides the real-time, actionable insight you need to respond to opportunities and threats before you miss them.   

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Process Excellence for the Digital Age

by Peter McNulty and Stephan Schluchter | 08/04/2016

Business processes are at the core of any organization’s performance, and their efficiency is vital. Unfortunately, ensuring business process efficiency is easier said than done. Manual interventions, bottlenecks, and other issues can affect business process performance in harmful ways that are often difficult to detect. In this article, discover how the analytical discipline of process mining can reveal insights into business process performance, and how SAP Processing Mining by Celonis can help you eradicate your organization’s process inefficiencies.

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Managing Modern Business Processes

by Matthias Heiler | 01/14/2016

In a climate of continuous change, organizations need to ensure that their business processes are not only executing optimally, but that they can adapt at a moment’s notice to take advantage of opportunities and meet unique requirements. This article introduces a new concept — process-driven architecture (PDA) — that enables you to build sophisticated business processes that are efficient and agile enough to meet modern business needs.

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Application Integration in a Cloud-Connected World

by Harald Nehring and Christoph Liebig | 10/08/2015

The growing use of cloud technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating integration challenges for many companies. This article takes a close look at four integration scenarios, including how to access backend systems from cloud applications, how to securely manage digital assets, and integrating connectivity into the business process.

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How to Simplify Complex Architectures with SAP PowerDesigner

by Laurie Barker | 04/02/2015

As technology landscapes increase in complexity, it is more important than ever to be able to access accurate information about their information architectures. Read about how SAP PowerDesigner enables organizations to visually represent their current information and system architectures, as well as design changes to them.

3 Solutions That Optimize SAP and Microsoft Functionality

by Pascal Gilbert | 04/01/2014

Microsoft products are among the most used desktop applications within organizations, many of which also rely on SAP software for their mission-critical business processes. A lack of connectivity between back-end SAP systems and front-end Microsoft applications, however, forces employees to constantly switch among applications to complete daily tasks, slowing productivity and agility. This article provides an overview of three solutions — SAP NetWeaver Gateway productivity accelerator for Microsoft, SAP BusinessObjects BI Universe Connectivity for Microsoft Excel, and Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP — that address this disconnect by enabling business users to utilize SAP data and processes in a variety of Microsoft environments, quickly, securely, and without disruption.

Getting Big Value from Big Processes

by Peter McNulty and Dr. Harsh Jegadeesan | 01/01/2014

End-to-end business processes that deliver value to customers share all the defining properties of big data, such as volume, variety, velocity, and veracity.  These end-to-end business processes help provide context, a value-driver for organizations that can leverage this contextualized data. This article takes an in-depth look at SAP Operational Process Intelligence built on SAP HANA, which acts as a decision support system for line-of-business users by providing them with end-to-end process visibility, insights on phases and milestones of the big process, and real-time metrics and KPIs. The leading artifact in SAP Operational Process Intelligence is the business scenario, which represents the end-to-end business process value chain.

Breaking Down Communication Barriers

by Martin Bachmann | 10/01/2013

SAP NetWeaver Gateway, an add-on to SAP NetWeaver Application Server, is an important application for bridging the gap that exists in many organizations — the gap between SAP teams, and teams supporting non-SAP solutions. This article explains some of the ways SAP NetWeaver Gateway can support developers in breaking down communication barriers and providing development and maintenance support.

A New Approach to an Agile Corporate Treasury

Uwe Erdtmann | 07/01/2013

Corporate treasuries face many challenges in today’s market, including financial crisis, globalization, new technology trends, and an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Perhaps one of the most complex challenges corporate treasuries face, however, is the corporate-to-bank relationship. Read this article to see how the SAP Financial Services Network, which is built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, helps financial institutions and corporate customers meet these challenges.