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Understanding Enterprise Cloud
A Simple Way to Adopt Transformation

by Ben Lingwood | 04/26/2016

The rise of SAP S/4HANA has shone a spotlight on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud as a means of taking advantage of all SAP HANA has to offer. Though originally released as a bridge from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud has evolved to be much more. Read this insightful column to discover how SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud can be harnessed to enable streamlined, but also specialized, business processes and applications as an organization transitions to its digital core.

Understanding Enterprise Cloud
Flexibility in a Private Managed Cloud

by Sanjay Kulkarni | 10/09/2015

No two cloud journeys are the same and SAP is dedicated to leaving choice in the hands of the customer. With new offerings like SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, companies can choose when and how they will move their systems into the cloud. Hear how you can leverage SAP solutions to transition to the cloud at your own pace and enable your IT department to be a driving force for innovation.

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How to Navigate a Successful Cloud Journey

by Mark Oakey | 07/01/2015

In this column, SAP’s Mark Oakey walks through the steps to build a cloud roadmap. He explains where to start, why SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is an optimal springboard to the cloud, and the benefits of SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (SAP S/4HANA).

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Take Your Enterprise to the Cloud

by Stephen Spears | 01/01/2015

It is no secret that companies are moving more and more solutions to the cloud — and doing so quickly. Combine that proliferation of the cloud with the in-memory power of SAP HANA, and you have a cloud offering that is piquing the interest of both existing and new SAP customers: SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. This new recurring column is devoted to explaining what SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is and what it means for your business — regardless of your current SAP implementation.