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Laying the groundwork
Laying the Groundwork for a Comprehensive BI Strategy

Explore SHS Group’s implementation of SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) powered by SAP HANA to improve reporting and query runtimes, reduce data-loading windows, and enhance data availability. With growing data volumes due to acquisitions, slow query runtimes were increasingly becoming a problem for the company’s salespeople. With SAP BW powered by SAP HANA, however, SHS report times have improved considerably and data load times have decreased more than 60%.


Moen entrance
Capital Request Processes at Moen Now Flow as Smoothly as Water from a Faucet

Learn how kitchen and bath product manufacturer Moen recently streamlined its formerly cumbersome paper-based capital expense request (CER) process. See how new solutions implemented have saved Moen’s business users considerable time and effort, and have rendered the CER process far more transparent, intuitive, and traceable


How Multiquip Migrated to a More Stable, Less Costly GRC Controls Platform

Michael Hanken, VP of IT at Multiquip, Inc., discusses the challenges that the mid-sized company faced when moving to a new governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) environment that was fully integrated with Multiquip’s upgraded SAP ERP version 6.0. By making strategic choices about the upgrade, the company saved considerable time and cost while achieving its goal of satisfying its international auditors.


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Latest Industry Experts Insights

Launching the User-Experience Revolution

Nucleus Research Vice President Rebecca Wettemann discusses the evolution of the user experience, with line of business users now having much more input into enterprise applications than in years past. In this Q&A, Wettemann addresses reasons for this shift, how it affects enterprise IT, and the SAP user-experience perspective.


Cybersecurity & Privacy

by Joshua Greenbaum

A personal discussion about cybersecurity during a visit to SAP headquarters led analyst Joshua Greenbaum to muse on SAP’s role in promoting “responsible use” in its approach to cybersecurity. Greenbaum discusses how the traditional “notice-and-consent” framework concerning internet privacy is insufficient to protect individual rights, and why “responsible use” is the framework of the future.


How to Use Cloud as a Catalyst to Drive Standardization

Mike Ettling, SAP Global Head of Cloud and On-Premise HR, discusses his new role in a comprehensive Q&A that touches on SAP’s overall HR roadmap and the SuccessFactors integration strategy. Ettling joined SAP in April, 2014, to oversee the human resources (HR) line of business.