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Knowing When to Upgrade

by Julie Beehler | SAPinsider

October 1, 2000

by Julie Beehler, ASUG SAPinsider - 2000 (Volume 1), October (Issue 2)

Thanks to the advent of e-commerce, the next great wave of opportunity is upon us as SAP customers. As we look to push productivity and our competitive advantage to new heights, we will continue to rely on our partnership with SAP, seeking new business benefits and a greater return on our R/3 investment.

     At ASUG, we recognize that as an SAP customer, you have access to a variety of options to enhance the technical and business functionality of your R/3 installation. And whether you look to migrate to the latest version of R/3 or stay with your existing one, SAP and ASUG will be there for you.

     That case was made this spring when SAP AG announced it was extending its support of R/3 Release 3.1i, 4.0B, and 4.5B through August 2003. This was done, in part, because SAP realized the features and functionality of these versions were sufficiently meeting the needs of its customer base. Plus, these versions will also allow users to incorporate into their business environment, should they so choose. You now have the opportunity to more closely evaluate the role of e-commerce in your business environment, and then determine if, or when, you will make the move to incorporate

     ASUG understands that the concept of upgrading is critical to your continued success. ASUG remains committed to providing the data necessary to make informed decisions about your upgrades. "How will ASUG do this?" you may ask. Good question. ASUG will continue to be your conduit to SAP, which translates into access to information and insight that will help you plan accordingly. For example, before releasing the news that it was extending support for 3.1i, 4.0B, and 4.5B, SAP held an exclusive teleconference with ASUG members, giving them access to the information before it hit the streets.

     Then, during the ASUG 2000 Annual Conference & Vendor Fair in Atlanta, attendees were able to participate in a question-and-answer session with SAP representatives on Release 4.6 topics including security, upgrade methodology, and training. This allowed SAP customers to query their business partners and get immediate answers.

     In addition, ASUG executives continue to have a dialogue with their counterparts at SAP. We regularly meet with them to discuss issues facing the customer community and to determine ways to better meet customer needs. We at ASUG remain committed to sharing this information in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

     All of the information referenced here, and more, can be found on our Web site: With more than 16,000 registered users, this site has quietly emerged as one of the most highly traveled customer resources the SAP community has to offer. Thanks to the white papers, "Q&A" documents, discussion forums, and everything else available at, answers to your most pressing questions are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

      There's no denying that the next upgrade is inevitable. But there's also no denying that ASUG will be with our members every step of the way to help guide them through what can be a rewarding time.

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