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The insideEdge (SAPinsider Vol. 3, Iss. 3)

by Shai Agassi | SAPinsider

July 1, 2002

by Shai Agassi, Executive Board Member, Collaborative Solutions, SAP AG SAPinsider - 2002 (Volume 3), July (Issue 3)

Any term that means lots of things to lots of people gives rise to misconceptions. “Portal” is one such term, particularly when combined with the letters SAP. One misconception that I found particularly amusing suggests that our portal offerings are only useful for SAP applications, requiring customers to get a second portal to handle everything else. Nothing could be further from the truth.

That is not to deny the profound synergy that exists between mySAP Enterprise Portals and your existing SAP solutions. But the Enterprise Portal is a solution that ties into all information services and applications — and that was just the first-generation rendering of this product. Our second-generation portal offers an even greater value proposition, arguably the industry’s most effective cross-product integration, bar none. Nowhere else can you find a product that offers seamless access to and aggregation of so many different information sources and applications, an open knowledge management platform, automatic content synchronization, and ready-made business packages that operate within the context of a user’s specific business role.

Our aim is to unify business processes across the enterprise. Sound simple? It’s not. A lot of innovative technology, of which we’re quite proud, is working behind the scenes to ensure users gain access to (and unification of) diverse applications, data warehouses, unstructured documents, the Internet, and web services. Do that, and all the glib marketing promises tossed around by so many vendors — like better decision-making and faster resolution of business challenges — actually materialize. In the pages of this issue you’ll hear about this from our customers, whose numbers now make us one of the preeminent portals vendors worldwide. Gartner said it best last July, in their 2H01 Portal Products Magic Quadrant market analysis, when they referred to SAP portals as “poised to become one of the ‘800-pound gorillas’ in the portal product market.”

It is significantly easier to implement a portal than other applications, and after its implementation, the portal becomes the foundation for numerous pre-packaged HR self-service offerings, “Manager” applications, and business analytics solutions. With the seamless integration between Enterprise Portal 5.0 and BW 3.0 comes the new possibility of disseminating information to senior executives, analysts, and the masses — both SAP and non-SAP users alike. We are the first to address all three constituencies on the same platform to get everyone in the company working from the same base.

This is how we are able to deliver a solution with measurably higher and faster ROI, and lower TCO as well. Don’t take my word for it. We’ve got a strategic consulting crew that will come in and evaluate your specific environment, goals, and technical requirements and work up an exhaustive set of ROI calculations for you. I encourage every customer to take this first step. The results will astound you — and that’s no misconception.

Shai Agassi
Executive Board Member, Collaborative Solutions

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