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DSAG's New Developments and Resources Help Members Manage Business Change

by Mario Günter | SAPinsider

April 1, 2003

by Mario Günter, DSAG Headquarters SAPinsider - 2003 (Volume 4), April (Issue 2)

Mario Günter,
DSAG Headquarters

We know that DSAG members are both looking back on the past year and looking ahead to the new technology and business challenges to come. As they do, DSAG is offering events that allow our members to take a broad look at the changing landscape, or drill down to the particulars of a solution or critical business issue. What’s more, we have new initiatives that bring together the strengths of user groups internationally to strengthen and streamline our communication with SAP.

For the “big picture,” our SAP Technology Spring Conference provided information on mySAP Technology, including R/3 Enterprise and the recently announced NetWeaver, SAP’s new integration platform. The two-day conference also included SAP Executive Board Member Gerhard Oswald’s keynote for an overview of SAP’s service and support strategy.

Beginning in January, DSAG also offered a series of focused events on particular solutions and business topics — Theme Days. This series of one-day conferences took on topics such as:

  • The SAP Solution Manager — SAP’s new central interface for managing SAP solutions

  • Supplier Relationship Management — Resulting in the creation of a standing SRM Work Group

  • Outsourcing and TCO — Possible topics for Theme Days still to come in 2003

To complement these events and educational resources, we have also collaborated with other groups to devise new approaches for influencing SAP.

For instance, based on the positive experiences of the Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG), we are also introducing Influence Councils — strategic bodies that press for changes to, or development of, SAP products or services. These Influence Councils replace ad-hoc workshops, called as needed by DSAG Work Groups, offering them a more streamlined, strategic approach to providing SAP with feedback. Thanks to our meetings with ASUG, we hope to adapt a model especially for DSAG members and put DSAG Influence Councils in place.

We are also working in cooperation with other user groups to help our members answer CCC-related questions such as: How do you implement and make full use of SAP’s Solution Manager? Once your CCC is up and running, what is involved in getting SAP certification? To provide resources on what to expect when creating or maintaining a CCC, we joined with nine other user groups to form the International CCC Community. These nine groups, along with DSAG, gathered with an additional focus on international standardization of CCC certification criteria.

So whether our members need the big picture or the particulars, whether they want to gain or share information, DSAG helps them with the events, resources, and infrastructure to support their goals.

DSAG’s Annual Convention 2003
October 14-16, Congress Centrum
for more information.


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