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Recommended Reading (SAPinsider Vol. 6, Iss. 4)

by SAP PRESS | SAPinsider

October 1, 2005

by SAP PRESS SAPinsider - 2005 (Volume 6), October (Issue 4)

SAP PRESS Essentials is a series of technical and strategic guides that provide complete “A-to-Z” instruction to execute a specific SAP project, or that serve as the definitive reference source on a highly targeted subset of SAP functionality. The editors of SAP PRESS carefully consider technical experts at SAP and top consulting firms and select thought leaders to author each of the narrow areas covered. The following is a sampling of titles now available in the SAP PRESS Essentials series.

SAP Business Connector – Applications and Development
by Patrick Theobald

Beginning with the initial system administration steps — connecting and monitoring one or more SAP R/3 systems — you'll move quickly to the development arena. Learn how to use out-of-the-box solutions (such as BAPI calls via XML) and how to implement your own custom transformations and programming services (integrated BC function packages). The examples and solutions provided are designed for immediate use, with only minor modifications. Screenshots and flow charts, along with comprehensive notes on source coding, complement the text. Plus, you'll learn about IDoc-based communication and more.

65 pages — Now available

Conception and Installation of System Monitoring Using the SAP Solution Manager
by Corina Schulz

By following this guide's author through a fictional system landscape scenario, which includes an R/3 system, an APO system, and a third-party component, you'll get important guidance on what to watch out for when developing a monitoring concept. Then you'll walk through the steps required to implement the designed concept, with the help of detailed screenshots and step-by-step instructions. Find out how to choose monitor objects, as well as their KPIs and frequencies, plus how to define alert messages and much more.

81 pages — Now available

Rich Internet Applications on the SAP Web AS
by Bernd Will

Readers will quickly learn how to shift all layout information — and even parts of the application logic — from the SAP Web Application Server (SAP Web AS) to the client. You'll uncover the advantages of the rich Internet application (RIA) approach, learn how to solve layout issues, and implement client-side data retrieval through Web services. Using Flash MX 2004 as the frontend technology, the author shows you how to leverage the technology's greatly improved graphical formatting options and comparatively simple development techniques to make your project a success.

105 pages — Now available

The SAP OS/DB Migration Project Guide
by Bert Vanstechelman

If you need to migrate your OS/DB quickly and at no cost, this SAP PRESS Essentials guide can help. When it comes to planning, setting up the new environment, data export and import, and the application of SAP services for migration, every step is explained in detail, as are tips and tricks for avoiding common pitfalls. Readers benefit from the author's years of experience with projects of this kind and learn how to organize migration projects that ensure the maximum levels of manager and user satisfaction.

80 pages — Now available

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