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DSAG Application Integration Work Group Fosters Communication and Change with SAP

by Ruediger Bellof | SAPinsider

October 1, 2008

Ten years ago, DSAG formed the Application Integration work group to voice meaningful feedback to SAP. In the past two years, the group has enjoyed much success collaborating with SAP on feedback concerning SAP NetWeaver Process Integration — find out the specifics in this success story.

Ruediger Bellof
Application Integration
Work Group

One of the responsibilities DSAG takes most seriously is its commitment to collaboration and influence — this includes being an effective sounding board for SAP about potential functionality enhancements. That's why, when DSAG formed the Application Integration work group in 1998, providing meaningful feedback to SAP was (and still is) among its key objectives. Comprised of more than 1,200 DSAG members, the group focuses much of its time on SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI), from its installation to integration scenarios.

Two years ago, the DSAG Application Integration work group conducted a survey among DSAG members about the capabilities of SAP NetWeaver PI. In the following success story, DSAG's Ruediger Bellof highlights the impact the survey's results have had on recent SAP enhancements.

DSAG's Application Integration work group has much to show for its commitment to collaborating with SAP. Drawing from member experience, know-how, and feedback (as evidenced through a detailed member survey), the group suggested to SAP a number of functionality refinements for SAP NetWeaver PI — and we're happy to report that many of those refinements have been implemented.

Striving for a Pinpointed Search

DSAG member survey results revealed specific feedback and requests around the TREX-based search capabilities of SAP NetWeaver PI. Many members shared that SAP NetWeaver PI's user-defined search across various applications often generates a surfeit of results. With this comprehensive search, users sometimes find it difficult to digest all the results and quickly pinpoint the information they are looking for.

Recently, through DSAG-organized workshops attended by members of the SAP development team, we shared the results of our survey with SAP. Now, with the upcoming release of SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1 enhancement package 1,1 users can limit their search to specific fields, speeding up the time it takes to conduct a search in SAP NetWeaver PI — all without the use of TREX.

Consider an example: A user conducting a search in SAP NetWeaver PI can now enter the customer number 4711 into a designated Customer field. Since the system has a pinpointed search target, the search executes quickly and delivers precise results.

This additional search functionality has been the result, in part, of DSAG's commitment to fostering improved communication with SAP. Beyond this, nearly all of the Application Integration work group's top 10 SAP NetWeaver PI recommendations have been incorporated into enhancement package 1 — or are on SAP's short-term "to-do" list.

We at DSAG are glad to see the results of our collaboration with SAP reflected in newly delivered functionality. We will continue to provide our members with best practices for implementing and working with upcoming enhancements.

Upcoming Influence Opportunities

At DSAG, we are glad to see the results of our collaboration with SAP reflected in newly delivered functionality. We are currently collaborating with SAP to accelerate the feedback cycle; already, we've helped to uncover smaller change requests and glitch corrections that can be implemented quickly in the future — in the form of support packages, for example.

We're also happy that SAP has started approaching DSAG for our opinion on specific functional enhancements. The ability to have our voice heard — and our feedback valued — by SAP is one of the most gratifying parts of DSAG membership. To learn more, please visit

1 Enhancement package 1 is scheduled for delivery at the end of 2008. [back]


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