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Simple, Intuitive Access to SAP Applications

by Vikram Chalana | insiderPROFILES

July 1, 2010

When end users don’t fully engage with their SAP solutions, many companies miss out on the full value of their SAP investment. Vikram Chalana, CTO and co-founder of Winshuttle, introduces Winshuttle STUDIO, a suite that enables non-technical end users to interact with SAP ERP through familiar interfaces.

Companies running SAP solutions can rest assured that their business processes are well supported; SAP is a true leader in delivering software that effectively manages complex business operations. Yet, getting end users, especially non-technical end users, to fully engage with their SAP solutions is a common challenge — and, as a result, many companies are missing out on the full value of their SAP investment.

Winshuttle STUDIO saves SAP customers significant time and money by enabling non-technical end users to interact with SAP ERP through familiar interfaces — such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Office InfoPath forms, PDF forms, and HTML forms — and by automating complex business processes without programming.

Using this suite of solutions, companies can quickly implement forms to allow users to enter and change SAP data. The suite also supports batched SAP processes, such as creating or changing mass records.

Applications That Connect Business Users to SAP Solutions

The Winshuttle STUDIO suite is an integrated package of the following four applications, which each distinctly help business and IT users create solutions for SAP-centric business processes.

Winshuttle TRANSACTION records the steps that a user takes to complete an SAP transaction and maps the relevant SAP fields to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, easily creating a transaction template. A user can then run this template to shuttle data between Microsoft Excel and the SAP system, automating any process while using native SAP security and authorizations. This application can also create a web service based on a recorded transaction.

Winshuttle QUERY is an SAP data extraction and analysis tool that allows users to securely extract live data from the SAP transactional system into Microsoft Excel for immediate analysis, action, and reporting. This application enables both developers and business users to easily create, distribute, and maintain content-rich queries with minimal impact on SAP system performance.

Winshuttle FORMS allows business users to create HTML forms to be used as a front end for SAP processes. This application leverages secure web services created by business users from within Winshuttle STUDIO. Unlike other solutions, Winshuttle FORMS allows non-technical users to securely create forms-driven processes on top of their existing SAP implementation.

Winshuttle DIRECT enables users to leverage SAP’s BAPI capabilities, providing a comprehensive approach to access SAP applications by allowing end users to upload and download information directly to and from SAP systems.

Winshuttle Studio

The Winshuttle STUDIO suite contains four applications that help SAP business users create solutions for SAP-centric business processes

System Requirements for Winshuttle STUDIO:

Windows XP/2000 or higher

  • 250MB disk space
  • 512MB RAM
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher


  • SAP 4.6C or higher
  • RFC authorizations
  • SAP GUI 460 or higher

Get More Value from Solutions You’ve Already Invested In

With Winshuttle STUDIO, SAP customers can leverage their existing investments in Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, Adobe, and SAP solutions to create intuitive access to business processes. To learn more about the Winshuttle STUDIO suite, please visit

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