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Are Your Users Adopting Your SAP Solutions?

by Daniel Nunes | insiderPROFILES

January 1, 2011

While an SAP solution implementation is a wise business step today, it doesn’t solve many problems if your business users don’t embrace and use the new technology. In this solution profile, Daniel Nunes of Synactive, Inc. discusses how Synactive’s GuiXT technology helps drive effective user adoption by customizing SAP applications to streamline business processes and enhance the user experience.

What are your company’s business goals for 2011? Are you looking to increase efficiency, streamline operations, find more reliable suppliers, generate more recurring income, boost production, or expand into new markets? Implementing SAP ERP is a wise step for businesses to take to achieve these goals. But for continued success with their enterprise software, companies need to look beyond the implementation itself and focus on effective user adoption, considering factors like user efficiency and optimization — in short, creating a richer user experience. The easier and more efficient the user experience is, the more likely users are to use and embrace new solutions.

Of course, driving user adoption isn’t a simple task. SAP ERP transactions are very robust, with lots of fields, tabs, data points, and data elements. To make things easier for more casual users, many organizations are looking to streamline these transactions. To do so, they need the right set of tools and an adoption strategy that fits their company’s culture.

Customizing SAP Applications
to Fit Your Business Needs

Synactive, Inc., delivers proven, end-to-end solutions that simplify and customize SAP ERP applications (see sidebar to the right). Its GuiXT technology enables customers to quickly, easily, and inexpensively customize SAP applications to fit their specific needs and make transaction screens more intuitive.

For example, with GuiXT, customers can automatically enter default information and complete repetitive processes, as well as combine multiple SAP screens, fields, and tabs in a single transaction. Because GuiXT software comes pre-packaged with installations of SAP GUI 4.6b to 7.0 and is fully integrated with the SAP GUI environment, customers can customize transaction screens to the requirements of specific jobs, while leaving essential SAP coding untouched. Companies report great success from using GuiXT solutions. Consider the following examples of real-world results:

  1. After implementing GuiXT, a public school district in Florida saw an immediate productivity boost and a 95% reduction in user input errors.
  2. An electric and gas utilities company in South Dakota used GuiXT to customize its SAP interface and create more intuitive screen transactions. This utility company reduced the time it took to create a notification transaction and embed the “create customer” transaction from more than seven minutes to just four, and reduced the number of input fields from 50 to 42.

“Before GuiXT, our Help Desk staff spent countless hours on training and phone support with users trying to create stock transfer orders.”

Cyndi Wolf, Polk County Public Schools

Streamlining Your Business Processes with Simple Design Tools

GuiXT solutions enable users to:

  • Create more intuitive screens. GuiXT lets users alter transaction and screen flows and manage different ways to store data — such as direct input through remote calls or input through the user interface. Users can also simplify thousands of SAP screens to focus only on applicable business processes, thereby improving productivity, eliminating or reducing errors, and cutting the amount of time needed for training and support.
  • Customize quickly and easily. Time-to-launch is very critical in any project initiation. So any customization of your SAP solution should be quick and easy enough to not delay the launch. GuiXT enables users to customize screens in minutes by allowing them to make changes directly to the SAP interface instead of requiring them to modify the SAP back end.
  • Extend to various platforms. Users can easily extend SAP screens simplified with GuiXT to different platforms, such as desktop, mobile, and web, with only minimal changes — rather than requiring a whole new development round for each platform.
  • Make updates effortlessly. GuiXT Server provides a centralized mechanism for deployment, which allows administrators to send updates without having to manage each license on individual PCs. GuiXT Server increases process efficiency and saves time by running all the script files on a central server and mimicking an SAP router in terms of deployment.
GuiXT simplified transaction screen

A simplified SAP transaction screen made using GuiXT

Getting Started with GuiXT

To learn more about GuiXT’s capabilities and how your organization can fully optimize its SAP ERP implementation, contact +1 650-341-3310 or email If you’re an SAP GUI user, you can activate GuiXT by clicking on the tri-colored icon on your SAP GUI screen and selecting “Activate GuiXT.” (You will need a license to access the solution’s full functionality.) You can also download a demo version of Synactive’s smartphone solution, GuiXT ACCESS, at Apple iTunes, BlackBerry App World, or the Android Market. Visit for a free product trial. 

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