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The Solution Extension Primer: The Insiders' Guide to Finding the Right Solution for Your SAP Deployment

by Lenore Johnson | SAPinsider

October 1, 2011

A recurring theme for companies these days is to do more with less. In this primer, you'll learn about SAP's solution extensions — solutions sourced from third parties that provide their own unique benefits and also closely integrate with SAP solutions and key business processes. These offerings allow companies to build on current IT investments, enabling them to create even more competitive, compelling, and holistic solutions.

Click here to download "The Insiders’ Guide to Finding the Right Solution for Your SAP Deployment"

Companies looking to evolve their SAP deployments to address new business needs or improve current business processes have a number of options. For some companies, the identification, evaluation, purchase, and deployment of a new solution can become an overly complex process, tying up valuable business and IT resources.  To simplify this process, SAP has selected key third-party solutions ideal for SAP landscapes. Whether you need to optimize your IT production environment or supply chain or grow internal talent or profit margins, solution extensions from SAP include the same level of product quality and commitment you expect from SAP.  Since these solution extensions are integrated with SAP solutions and key business processes (see sidebar), you can build on your current IT investment to create even more competitive, compelling, and holistic solutions.

The Many Advantages of Solution Extensions

Currently, over 45 solution extensions are available from innovative, third-party providers. These solutions cover a range of business needs: SAP customers in any industry can assemble a tailor-made offering to address their key pain points, resulting in ongoing cost savings and a positive ROI within three to six months.

Let’s dive into some of the key benefits of these solution extensions. SAP tests, validates, approves, and supports these solutions to ensure that they meet the same standards of quality, commitment, and support that our customers expect from SAP. SAP also reviews and certifies each solution extension to make certain that each will integrate with SAP systems to accelerate both implementation time and time to value. Proven compliance with SAP product standards ensures that these solutions are the best offerings for your business and IT environments today, and that they are built into the SAP technology roadmap so you are assured of a solid return on your investment.

Even though these solution extensions were created by third parties, SAP customers still work with a single point of contact: SAP.

Which Solution Extension Is Right for My Organization?

With so many solution extensions available, it can seem daunting to figure out which one will best fit your company’s needs. That’s why we’ve broken the solution extensions down into four categories:

  • Sales, marketing, and customer service
  • Supply chain and procurement
  • Finance and human resources
  • IT

This special solution extension primer will further explore each category, and will offer examples of how solution extensions support each. Armed with these examples, your organization can decide which solution extensions will best help it meet its goals and increase productivity. To learn more, download the PDF.

Click here to download "The Insiders’ Guide to Finding the Right Solution for Your SAP Deployment"


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