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Speed the Time to Value for SAP Software

by Richard Strattner | SAPinsider

January 1, 2012

Implementing the newest solutions is exciting for a business, but to truly maximize the return on the investment in the technology, the company's IT organization and user population must be educated on the solutions before they go live. This can be quite an undertaking, but SAP has developed a series of SAP Accelerated Learning packages to help expedite the learning process. This article discusses the packages for SAP HANA, mobility, and business intelligence, and reviews the different ways the offerings can be delivered for faster and more convenient learning.

Picture this: Your CIO comes into your office and tells you that the executive team has finally approved IT’s request to purchase and implement a list of SAP BusinessObjects solutions. He excitedly talks about the benefits of improved business intelligence, saying you need to implement these solutions ASAP and prove to the executives that the request was worth their attention.

This is excellent news for the company, but in the back of your mind you’re thinking, “Great, now I just have to introduce the entire IT organization and user population to SAP BusinessObjects solutions and educate them about what these solutions can do before this implementation goes live.”

The key to maximizing the return on an investment in powerful tools like SAP BusinessObjects solutions, SAP HANA, or Sybase Unwired Platform is SAP Education. And successfully educating your organization on the latest technologies comes down to three things: It has to be simple, fast, and of the highest quality.

While the CIO and other IT executives may be well-versed in the solutions by the time the purchase gets approved, the rest of the IT organization may need an introductory education on a specific solution’s architecture and how to best implement it. Getting that broader IT population up to speed as quickly as possible could be the difference between early wins and a stalled adoption.

To help customers expedite the education process, SAP has developed a series of SAP Accelerated Learning packages that provide an introductory level of training on a host of solutions. These packages are delivered to your company in the format that best suits your organization’s specific needs. Let’s look at some of the latest offerings and delivery models.

Accelerated Learning: SAP HANA

New adopters of SAP HANA, as well as companies that are just beginning to explore its potential, are looking for insights about SAP HANA — what it is, how it works, and how it may help their organization. Because SAP HANA is a back-end technology managed by technical teams, the SAP Accelerated Learning package for SAP HANA is aimed at the technical teams that manage the SAP HANA back end. The training uses role-specific learning maps and system demonstrations that focus on the implementation and operation of SAP HANA. A hands-on workshop is also available to give users a firsthand understanding of how the technology operates.

The SAP Accelerated Learning package for SAP HANA is designed for experienced SAP consultants, implementation partners, and IT staff. The prerequisites for the courses are basic knowledge of SAP Business Suite, Basis technologies, and the SAP NetWeaver platform.

As customers progress with their use of SAP HANA, SAP’s learning portfolio will also continue to grow, focusing on SAP HANA’s more advanced functionality. For organizations seeking to drive the highest levels of quality into their firms, a certification course in SAP HANA is now available.

Accelerated Learning: Mobility

With more SAP customers launching their enterprise mobility strategy from Sybase Unwired Platform, there’s a high demand for easy-to-digest mobility education to get developers up and running on Sybase. To that end, SAP has developed an SAP Accelerated Learning package for mobility geared toward Sybase users. The package starts with a developer enablement kit that provides a demo-rich technical overview of the Sybase platform, complete with instruction on key terminology, concepts, architecture, and integration with SAP Business Suite.

In addition, the courses in this area teach users to develop mobile applications and workflow applications using Sybase Unwired Platform. The prerequisites for the introductory Sybase mobility course include:

  • General understanding of mobility technologies
  • Familiarity with object-oriented and mobile device development terms and concepts
  • Intermediate-level SQL programming experience
  • Java or Microsoft .NET programming experience

Accelerated Learning: Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) is a steadily growing priority for most SAP customers, and educating your IT team about the SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 suite can help your company make the most of its BI solutions. The SAP Accelerated Learning packages for the SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 suite are suitable for application consultants, implementation consultants, and project team members. They also include courses for more experienced BI users who want to learn about the latest features in the suite as well as in SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW). The prerequisites for the BI training vary depending on the specific course.

Flexible Delivery Models Enable Faster Learning

One thing to keep in mind is that the quality of an educational offering is significantly diminished if it doesn’t reach its intended audience. So, in addition to ensuring that SAP Education content is of the highest quality, we also work to ensure that our offerings are as approachable and convenient as possible (see sidebar).

SAP currently offers SAP Accelerated Learning packages through both remote delivery and classroom-based models to help users consume information in the method that works best for them. The growing acceptance of online models can be attributed to several factors. First, significant improvement in the infrastructure and delivery format has yielded more easily consumed content.

Secondly, SAP Education content developers now design educational offerings for easier remote delivery. Remote learning is not just a set of lecture notes posted online or a CD sent to your company. The content within the various SAP Accelerated Learning packages is designed to be effective in both live instruction and online formats, rather than forcing a live instruction course into an online model.

Finally, the increased acceptance of videoconferencing and technologies like Skype has greatly increased most IT users’ comfort level with live online interaction and has made remote delivery of education less intimidating.

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The goal of the SAP Accelerated Learning packages is to educate our customers on the topics they want, at the pace they require. The faster your organization is trained on its SAP solutions, the faster you can begin adopting and leveraging those solutions for improved business value and a faster ROI. To learn more, visit

Richard Strattner

Richard Strattner ( is an education and technology professional with experience in creating and executing sales and marketing strategies at firms worldwide. At SAP, Richard works in Global Services Marketing, supporting the Education Line of Service.

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