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The insideEdge (SAPinsider Vol. 13, Iss. 3)

by Hans Thalbauer | SAPinsider

July 1, 2012

Learning and communication are becoming more visually oriented and businesses need to be able to keep up with this trend. To help, SAP has invested in 3D visualization technology by acquiring Right Hemisphere. In this issue's Inside Edge, Hans Thalbauer, Senior Vice President of LoB Solutions for Supply Chain and R&D, discusses how SAP Visual Enterprise solutions will provide customers with benefits now and into the future.

We are becoming a more visual society every day. Visual images dominate our daily lives at home and at work, changing how we consume information and how we learn. According to a Harvard University study, learning from animations and graphics increases understanding by 30% and reduces learning time by as much as 50%.1 And now with the amount of enterprise data expanding exponentially, there is a pressing need to streamline the information consumption process.

SAP’s acquisition of Right Hemisphere last year has significantly increased our ability to help companies leverage 3D visualization and transform into a “visual enterprise.” As the feature stories in this issue of SAPinsider explain, we are rapidly integrating Right Hemisphere’s 3D visualization technology with existing SAP enterprise solutions and delivering SAP Visual Enterprise solutions that will provide our customers immediate and significant benefits in several areas of the business.

No longer will enterprise data be either flat in a database or visual in a CAD drawing — instead, it will be connected, with one view into both information sources. 3D models produced in a CAD environment will not be kept locked within the engineering department silo. With SAP Visual Enterprise solutions, 3D images can be combined with data from SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM) and other SAP Business Suite applications, and then shared internally with other groups and externally with suppliers and partners for more effective collaboration, improved quality, and higher productivity. The bottom-line business impact is faster time to market.

In the near future, customers will realize the benefit of integrating SAP Business­Objects solutions, SAP HANA, and Sybase mobile technology with this 3D visualization technology. The combination of these powerful platforms will unlock new methods for consuming, analyzing, and publishing enterprise information that simply weren’t available even a few short years ago.

Our vision for 3D only begins within the enterprise. We foresee a number of areas beyond the enterprise in which 3D visualization will bring significant value. For example, this technology may enable the creation of “visual hospitals,” where 3D images are combined with masses of medical data, such as clinical studies and patient outcomes, and viewed through visual analytics to provide a multifaceted look at a specific medical issue. On a broader scale, this technology could provide the basis for “visual cities,” where the layout of a city’s buildings, streets, and underground pipelines are viewable in a 3D format, with maintenance records, performance information, and other real-time data accessible with a single click. And with integrated GPS technology, users could easily pinpoint areas in need of repair.

It’s an exciting time for our customers and for SAP. We firmly believe that our work to deliver the most powerful and comprehensive set of visualization solutions will be the catalyst for a major change in how information is delivered and consumed going forward. We hope you’re ready to take this journey with us. 

        Hans Thalbauer
Senior Vice President
Line-of-Business Solutions for Supply Chain and R&D


1 Harvard University (2009). [back]



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