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A Multi-Layered Landscape, A Single Source of Support

The New ONE Support Program Puts the Customer Experience First

by Dr. Heike Laube | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 2

April 1, 2014

System landscapes are becoming more complex than ever with the myriad of options for companies — on premise, cloud, and hybrid solutions, for example. Read this article to see how SAP is helping companies with its ONE Support program that focuses on expanding and enhancing SAP’s support commitment across all of its products and solutions — and dramatically reducing the complexity of customer landscapes.


System landscapes are by nature a study in variety, as organizations seek to meet rapidly evolving business needs with an arsenal of solutions. Regardless of how customers deploy these solutions — in the cloud, on premise, or in hybrid scenarios — all the pieces need to fit together. To help our customers ensure this fit, SAP is introducing a comprehensive new approach to providing support for our products: the ONE Support program. This program delivers harmonized, standardized, and integrated support services to organizations of all sizes, across all solutions — whether developed by SAP or added to the SAP portfolio through a merger or acquisition — and across all deployment scenarios.

The goal of the ONE Support program is to enable customers to quickly and easily leverage their existing on-premise investments, to move to the cloud at their own pace, and to drive value in hybrid environments. By helping to dramatically reduce the complexity of managing system landscapes, the ONE Support program allows customers to innovate more, implement faster, and operate with greater effectiveness.

How Does ONE Support Work?

The ONE Support program is the new DNA of SAP Active Global Support offerings. It includes and expands the level of SAP Enterprise Support that customers already have with their on-premise solutions (such as SAP Business Suite, Sybase, and SAP hybris solutions) and cloud solutions (such as SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Ariba, and SuccessFactors solutions). SAP Enterprise Support serves as the baseline support offering for your entire software landscape, regardless of your deployment scenario mix. Premium support engagements typically available for on-premise solutions — such as SAP ActiveEmbedded and SAP MaxAttention services — also can easily be extended via cloud premium support engagements to cover cloud offerings such as SuccessFactors and Ariba.

With ONE Support, customers benefit from consistent, seamless support for their business processes, and a common delivery model throughout the life cycle of their software investment. This translates into a simplified, optimized customer experience that supports increased innovation.

Spotlight on ONE Support

The ONE Support program is a new global program from SAP that focuses on expanding and enhancing SAP’s support commitment across all of its products and solutions — regardless of deployment model (cloud versus on premise) or whether the offering was developed by SAP or added to the portfolio through a merger or acquisition. With ONE Support, companies can focus on creating business value and leave the end-to-end process orchestration to a trusted and proven provider. Learn more at

A Single Point of Access

Whether a customer has a long relationship with SAP or is new to the SAP environment, it is critical that SAP provides a modern, forward-looking, web-based interaction channel for support. Customers need to be able to focus on the business processes that drive business value, rather than on the mechanics of underlying technology.

As part of the ONE Support program, SAP is working on a single portal and platform for all support activities, so that customers have a central access point for support, regardless of technology, deployment method, or SAP solution. This will enable a seamless delivery and support experience across business process scenarios, including mission-critical support. Details on the portal will be unveiled in June 2014 during SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando.

A Harmonized Approach to Support

The harmonization aspect of the ONE Support program focuses on the enablement of a unified engagement and governance model that spans all SAP solutions and touches the various processes and IT activities of the SAP support delivery model to address the entire investment life cycle. The initial rollout includes a variety of enhancements:

  • An aligned, integrated incident management process, in which all interactions are dispatched and routed internally
  • An integrated escalation process for a customer’s end-to-end solution, including hybrid scenarios
  • Alignment of all communication channels, processes, and reporting mechanisms to address critical customer situations, regardless of the software deployment scenario
  • Support for cloud and on-premise integration available through mission control centers at major SAP locations

In keeping with how SAP support has evolved over time, enhancements to the SAP portfolio of support offerings will be introduced continuously with the ONE Support program.

The Start of a Next-Generation Support Evolution

Enhancements to SAP’s support offerings introduced with the ONE Support program will occur in several steps throughout 2014 and beyond. The immediately available elements of the program include an aligned and integrated incident management process and integrated end-to-end escalation procedures for cloud, on-premise, and hybrid landscapes. Additional elements will be continuously phased in as they become available.

Support for SAP Solution Manager

To further enable end-to-end lifecycle management throughout customers’ SAP environments, the ONE Support program will also impact SAP Solution Manager, as it plays an integral role in managing everything from deployments to solution monitoring in SAP customer landscapes. In combined deployments (on-premise and cloud), customers already today can use SAP Solution Manager with SAP Enterprise Support to drive IT governance and documentation-based scenarios, such as solution documentation, test management, and change request management. For technical integration scenarios, customers already today can use SAP Solution Manager to:

  • Track the end-user experience to better manage availability and performance of cloud solutions from SAP
  • Access guided procedures for creating alert resolution for the SAP HANA platform and the SAP hybris B2C Commerce solution
  • Monitor interactions between on-premise components and cloud software, such as SAP NetWeaver Process Integration and SAP HANA Cloud Integration technologies

Additional capabilities for end-to-end supportability across deployments and technologies — to address, for instance, remote access, root-cause analysis, system and application monitoring, business process monitoring, data consistency, and exception management supplemented by the necessary guided procedures and operations content — will evolve as needed.

Simplify Everything, Do Anything

With the ONE Support program, SAP is greatly simplifying the delivery of support and maintenance for a growing portfolio of solutions from both SAP itself and from its acquisitions, such as Ariba and SuccessFactors. The program delivers a single source of truth, real-time business process integration, and an integrated user experience, regardless of how customers deploy SAP solutions — whether in the cloud, on premise, or in hybrid scenarios. It is also about much more than just “support.” ONE Support is about innovation and accelerated improvements in the way you run your business, helping you realize cost savings potential through harmonization and standardization. Visit or

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Heike Laube
Dr. Heike Laube

Dr. Heike Laube ( is Senior Director at SAP Active Global Support (SAP AGS). Prior to her role as head of SAP Enterprise Support Academy, she was responsible for the SAP AGS program office for service and support offerings, focusing on midsize companies and indirect channels. This included program and process definition, development of the related service portfolio, and integration with sales processes, as well as the creation and rollout of internal and external educational measures. Before joining SAP in 1998, Heike held research and development and production positions in industries such as automotive, chemical, and medical.

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