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Enhance Efficiency and Accuracy with Predictive Analytics

by Sascha Schubert | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 2

April 1, 2014

Today’s abundance of data is creating ample opportunities for organizations to leverage analytics for a clear picture of their business and customers. The convergence of big data, social media, sensor data, and mobile devices makes it more important than ever to create a predictive engine that offers a clear, coherent view of the future.
1. With the variety of data companies possess, how can they make analytics consumable throughout the enterprise?


With the explosion of data in the digital age, it’s nearly impossible to avoid a wide variety of data sources. But don’t let this scare you. It’s the perfect opportunity for leveraging analytics in your organization. Having more data points will give you a better picture of your business and customers.

The key is to implement analytics technology that enables you to make effective, efficient use of that diverse data. An integrated analytics platform that provides persona-specific access to different users makes analytics approachable throughout the enterprise. Easy-to-use analytics applications designed for different roles in the organization — such as business analysts, statisticians, or data scientists — are critical to the enterprise-wide acceptance of analytics as part of the decision-making process.

2. What are SAS’s customers saying (and doing) about implementing predictive models for analytics in their organizations?


SAS customers use predictive modeling for everything from reducing their carbon footprint, to attracting profitable customers, to evaluating risk and detecting fraud, to ensuring that your favorite ice cream flavor is in stock.

Regardless of how many different ways SAS customers use analytics, there is a common, overarching theme: Using analytics to create a clear, coherent view of the future has never been more important. That is because the convergence of big data, social media, sensor data, and mobile devices gives them more fuel for their predictive engine to uncover trends and anticipate likely outcomes. 

3. What joint value can SAS and SAP bring to customers?


Chances are if you’re an SAP customer, you’re dealing with big data — and it can be a struggle for IT to keep it all organized. This may lead to data being stored across many servers, resulting in data silos and redundancy issues. In-memory database solutions such as SAP HANA push the limits of processing so you can make decisions by the second. But if you are still struggling with unnecessary data movement, it is hard to take full advantage of the processing power.

This is where SAS and SAP can help. The joint collaboration between SAS and SAP to leverage SAS analytics capabilities and SAP HANA is designed to reduce the data-to-compute distance, eliminate data duplication, and simplify the analytics environment of joint customers. SAS’s advanced analytics will score models directly in SAP HANA, allowing you to analyze data the second you receive it. That is the true value of real-time decision making. Data scientists should be able to work more efficiently and increase their productivity, as the collaboration aims to help accelerate model development and deployment. Together, SAS and SAP can create new applications to push the realm of possibility with real-time analytics.

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