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How to Improve Asset Management

by Bil Khan | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 2

April 1, 2014

Many asset-intensive companies are struggling to make sense of massive amounts of unstructured content, making it difficult to manage and maintain a clear maintenance record. The SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management application by OpenText helps companies wade through this increasing amount of data and ensure higher equipment reliability and proper records management.


Like many companies today, asset-intensive enterprises are being bombarded by unstructured content. Take companies like power and processing plants: They collect paper-based documentation, inspection reports, and maintenance history data, making it increasingly difficult to manage and maintain a clear maintenance record. Without a reliable record, these companies have a harder time taking proactive measures to prevent unplanned downtime, which can result in equipment failures and plant outages. Equipment and plant-related problems can also lead to bigger issues, such as heightened environmental or maintenance worker safety risk, and brand deterioration.

Superior Asset Management Brings Greater Benefits

To help companies combat the risks and ensure higher equipment reliability and proper records management, SAP offers the SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management (SAP Extended ECM) application by OpenText. This application organizes asset data and related content together in one place, and achieves process-centric collaboration and compliance by tightly integrating unstructured content — including emails, documents, videos, and audio files — with transactional SAP Business Suite business objects and data. Internal and external stakeholders can then join a collaborative workspace to easily share and develop content, invite new team members, and place critical content under records management. Throughout its life cycle, all information within the workspace is perpetually linked to the appropriate SAP references.

Benefits of SAP Extended ECM include improved equipment reliability, reduced outages and costs, enhanced internal and external collaboration around plant maintenance, increased regulatory compliance, and reduced legal exposure.

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Bil Khan
Bil Khan

Director, SAP Solution Extensions, Global Marketing, SAP

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