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Integrate People, Process, and Platform with Actionable Analytics

by Anuj Saxena and Heena Sood | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 2

April 1, 2014

With the emphasis of business intelligence (BI) changing, customers are shifting from descriptive analytics models to inductive, prescriptive models that are focused on predicting future behavior. Organizations are also focused on mobility and self-service BI to get the right level of information to the right users at the right time.
1. What are ZEDventures’ customers saying (and doing) about implementing predictive models for analytics in their organizations?


Although predictive models have been around for a while, most companies haven’t been able to fully utilize their power. However, with the recent success and maturity of business intelligence (BI) tools, and the emergence of infrastructure in the big data space, predictive analytics is shaping up as the next big initiative.
ZEDventures has been actively involved with our customers to develop their predictive analytics strategies, helping them move from deductive, descriptive models focused on what happened to inductive, prescriptive models focused on predicting future behavior. Our customers, from small and medium-sized companies to large global companies, are actively working on processes and technologies to support their predictive analytics vision, as well as honing personnel skills. This year, many of our clients will develop and refine their big data strategy, and implement proof-of-concept solutions in the predictive analytics space. 

2. How do you see mobilization and self-service BI evolving in 2014?


In 2013, the market was debating how to deliver solutions, what capabilities to offer, and which devices to support when it comes to mobilization and self-service BI. Companies now focus on enabling users to get the right level of information at the right time, placing an emphasis on mobility and self-service use cases instead of delivering pre-defined reports and information through traditional web and desktop channels only. Consideration to factors such as content relevancy, granularity, security, and user experience will be as important as, if not more important than, understanding business processes, data, governance, and technology. We see the focus shifting from bring-your-own-device-driven native apps to industry-standard, HTML5-based enterprise apps. Users can expect to see advanced dashboarding tools with integrated data exploration capabilities, allowing them to dig deeper and customize results. Maturity and stability of product offerings in 2014 will facilitate the awareness and acknowledgement of subtle touch points, and differentiators that enable identification of the right BI tool for the right purpose, leading to effective execution and adoption of mobilization and self-service BI.

3. What business or IT pain points should drive an SAP customer to contact ZEDventures?


As companies utilize the rapid innovations in the SAP HANA platform and SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solution offerings, they face subsequent challenges not so much around technology deployment, but in keeping up with the pace of technology transformation while delivering business value.

ZEDventures helps companies carve out an enterprise analytics strategy and establish a governance structure focused on agile execution and ongoing innovation, allowing for check points to measure success and make adjustments. We help companies realize increased user adoption by cultivating strong business and IT partnerships, leveraging business champions and executive sponsors to advocate BI as a forethought, rather than an afterthought. ZEDventures’ Reporting Catalog enables multi-tool reporting strategies, enhancing user experiences by providing a single point of entry portal and allowing users to search and execute reports available across multiple tools. Our offering for SAP HANA Cloud Portal allows clients to integrate cloud and on-premise solutions. For more information, visit

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