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The Clear Path to Finance Transformation

Automating Core Financial Processes to Achieve High Performance

by Clinton Jones | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 2

April 1, 2014

To reach the level of efficiency necessary to develop sophisticated financial operations, organizations need to be able to target the processes and functions in their SAP environments that are the most time-consuming or error-prone, and to automate them. The key to this finance transformation is adaptable solutions that are easy to build, deploy, and control. This article explains how you can securely integrate Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SharePoint, and SAP systems to safely develop solutions that automate your mission-critical SAP financial processes.

Which is worse: being stranded in the desert or lost in the forest? Often, that’s the choice CFOs face when they navigate the road to finance transformation. Invest too little in technology and you’re stranded — unable to reach the level of operational efficiency necessary to develop more sophisticated capabilities. But investing in too many complex solutions can overwhelm your department and leave you at the mercy of constrained IT budgets and expensive consultants.

To find the clear path to finance transformation, the key is investing in technology that gives your team the flexibility to target the specific processes and functions that are the most time-consuming or error-prone and the capability to automate those processes with adaptable solutions that are easy to build, deploy, and control (see Figure 1).

The clear path to finance transformation 

Figure 1 — The clear path to finance transformation

The Winshuttle Approach

Winshuttle for SAP finance puts customers on a clear path to finance transformation through flexible automation of core processes such as journal entries, asset accounting, and financial master records. Changing business requirements and regulations mean that operational finance cannot be optimized once and then ignored. Winshuttle enables continuous improvement without heavyweight add-ons or complex programming.

Winshuttle securely integrates Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SharePoint, and SAP systems, creating an application environment that allows you to automate mass data operations, workflow processes, and other ERP operations. Winshuttle’s no-programming design environment allows analysts and accountants to safely develop solutions to automate the processes they work with every day.

Winshuttle for SAP finance offers:

  • Managed Excel: Excel is still the workhorse of financial operations. Winshuttle solutions use centrally managed Excel templates to enhance native SAP functionality while maintaining existing SAP permissions.
  • Integrated workflow: Comprehensive process automation means connecting all the parts and people involved in a particular transaction. Winshuttle workflow lets you model the entire process, collecting data and mandating approvals before executing the final SAP transactions.
  • Rapid time to value: The no-code development environment lets analysts and accountants design and implement their own solutions for SAP systems within a secure framework established and maintained by your IT department.

Find out more about how Winshuttle can put you on a clear path to finance transformation at

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Clinton Jones
Clinton Jones

Director of Solution Management for Finance

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