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DSAG Keeps SAP Customer Needs at the Forefront

by Gerhard Göttert | SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 1

January 1, 2014

In September, 2013, Gerhard Göttert was named to the board of the processes and applications department of DSAG. In this Q&A, SAPinsider speaks with Göttert to learn more about his role in the department, and the department in general. Gottert addresses his responsibilities and specific departmental goals.


In September 2013, Gerhard Göttert was elected Board Member, Application Portfolio in the German-Speaking SAP User Group (DSAG), responsible for the processes and applications department. SAPinsider recently spoke with Göttert to learn more about the department and his role within it.

Q: Can you tell us about the processes and applications department?

A: IT departments all over the world are tasked with using and optimizing their companies’ big data, among other challenges. Innovative solutions like SAP HANA have been established to help companies get the most from their data and applications. One of our goals as the processes and applications department is to support our member companies in their transformation processes, spurred by these new technologies.

The application portfolio of SAP Business Suite therefore plays an important role in this process.

Q: What are your responsibilities as the new board member?

A: As DSAG Board Member, Application Portfolio, I am responsible for the discussion within the processes and applications department about the growing influence of applications like SAP HANA with our members and with SAP. We will keep an eye on how well the solutions fit into the fields of innovation and what benefits are available for companies. We must also assess the developments and achievements of SAP according to criteria like quality, usability, added value, and security, so our feedback can contribute to adjustments where necessary. It’s important that the solutions function as promised, so our members are able to take full advantage of SAP applications.

Q: What specific goals do you hope to accomplish while in this role?

A: We are currently defining the goals and expectations — as well as the problems and obstacles — of our department, which we will then verify and clarify with SAP. We will work to institutionalize and optimize influencing programs like Customer Connect and Customer Engagement Initiative to make our member companies’ collaborations with SAP even more efficient. And, of course, the quality and functional usability of SAP solutions will remain at the top of our list of priorities.

Q: Do you plan on augmenting the way the department interacts with SAP at all?

A: DSAG has built a strong collaboration with SAP over the years, so there are no plans to adjust the relationship for the board area of the application portfolio. Our discussions are constructive and have proven to be extremely successful and to the point. The department focuses specifically on SAP Business Suite and its line-of-business applications, so if we see areas that could be developed further, we’ll collaborate with SAP as we have done in the past to make sure our companies can be as highly productive as possible — now and in the future.

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Gerhard Goettert
Gerhard Göttert

Board Member, Application Portfolio

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