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Strategies for Improving Continuous Education

Insights from Mark Chalfen of Bluefin Solutions on How to Successfully
Develop Talent

insiderPROFILES, Volume 5, Issue 4

September 22, 2014

The skills required to be a successful SAP developer or consultant are changing dramatically. Whether it’s new technologies such as cloud, mobile, and SAP HANA coming into your SAP landscapes or the soft skills required to execute projects successfully, the message is clear: SAP professionals must continue to develop their skills.
But, even with this in mind, many IT organizations are not emphasizing continuous learning enough today. Are you, the SAP professionals, getting the skills and support you need to thrive and excel in the ever-changing SAP environments?
To answer this question, insiderPROFILES recently spoke with Mark Chalfen, a Director at Bluefin Solutions. In addition to being an experienced SAP consultant and SAP mentor, Chalfen is a strong proponent of continuous growth and education for SAP professionals. He is also a contributing author for SAP Experts, the premium online library of deep-dive SAP expertise, also from the publisher of SAPinsider. You can view his latest financials-focused article at

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