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Collaboratively Working Toward a Single Goal

DSAG’s Newest Board Member on Simplification, Innovation, and Overcoming Challenges

by Hans-Achim Quitmann | SAPinsider, Volume 16, Issue 2

April 2, 2015

The proliferation of solutions in every area of an organization can make it challenging for organizations to standardize their software and processes. Hans-Achim Quitmann — DSAG’s newest board member, with special responsibility for the Technology department — shares the goals he has set in his newest role, including how he intends to give back to DSAG by helping members formulate a strategy to help simplify their landscapes.





Hans-Achim Quitmann is the newest member of the DSAG board, with special responsibility for the Technology department. He is committed to giving back to DSAG, and aims to contribute toward grouping SAP products under a single strategy. SAPinsider recently spoke with Quitmann to learn more about his position and what he hopes to accomplish.


Q: Why did you run for the position of DSAG board member?

A: User groups such as DSAG thrive on the commitment of their members and DSAG has always been helpful to me over the course of my career. I see this as a give-and-take situation. Through my involvement as a board member with responsibility for the Technology department, I can now give something back to DSAG members.

Q: What are your initial thoughts as a new board member?

A: The conversations I have had with many representatives from the Technology department suggest that the current collaboration with SAP is very positive. This collaboration inspires me and other board members to continually work with SAP to ensure DSAG members can incorporate solutions and innovations into their organizations successfully.

This is especially important now, with new developments such as the Internet of Things and the discussion of digitization in full swing. It is critical to gather our interests to reinforce our position in discussions with SAP.

Q: What are the current issues faced by the Technology department?

A: Today, there are so many different kinds of technology in some form or another in every aspect of the business. This proliferation of solutions makes it difficult to standardize software and processes, increasing the complexity of launching new systems and building on existing ones.

This is why DSAG chose the prism as a symbol for Technology Days 2015, which took place in February. A prism separates the different colors of the light that passes through it. If you were to send an application through a prism, its technological components would appear fanned out.

For example, most user interfaces today have many components like SAP NetWeaver, SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise, and SAP Visual Business, which can be confusing for the end user. By separating these components and focusing on them one at a time, users can more easily grasp what needs to be done.

Keeping this concept in mind, one of my goals as a board member is to discuss ways to regroup individual SAP solutions under an overarching strategy, which will result in enhanced simplicity for our members.

Q: As CIO of the manufacturing company Carl Zeiss AG, what are you focusing on at the moment?

A: Parallel to my position at DSAG, I am responsible for implementing standards and streamlining processes at Carl Zeiss AG. Our goal is to standardize and thereby simplify different applications and procedures, enabling us to adapt to new challenges more quickly and reduce costs. In this sense, my voluntary activities and my main job complement each other very well.

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Hans-Achim Quitmann
Hans-Achim Quitmann

Board Member,
Technology Department

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