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Test, Manage, and Maintain Your SAP HANA Environment

by Cindy Morel, Director, SAP Global Marketing, SAP Solution Extensions | SAPinsider, Volume 16, Issue 2

April 1, 2015

Explore a variety of SAP Solution Extensions for SAP HANA in this article, which outlines 3 key steps in successfully migrating to and running on SAP HANA. Learn about SAP Solution Extensions available for the entirety of the process; from application testing and quality assurance, to establishing a secure governance model, to ultimately improving efficiency and user experience.


As businesses make the move to SAP HANA, there are many quality assurance, preparedness, and operational considerations. Companies can make this move confidently by using applications that are designed and developed to take advantage of SAP HANA’s high-performance environment, and are tested to ensure they are secure and deliver the expected business results, by using application data that is well-managed, and by ensuring that ongoing business processes have been automated to allow the most efficient operations possible.

Let’s take a look at three steps that can help companies successfully migrate to and run on SAP HANA.

1. Start with Application Testing and Quality Assurance

Effective application testing plays a key role in achieving the high quality and high performance that users and customers expect. Identifying issues with quality, performance, security, and availability during development — before going live with new applications on SAP HANA — is key. The following SAP Solution Extensions help streamline this part of the process:

  • The SAP Quality Center application by HP helps you manage and control software quality across the application life cycle using a consistent testing approach.
  • The SAP LoadRunner application by HP models loads, benchmarks, and diagnoses the performance of business-critical applications before they go live.
  • The SAP Fortify software by HP enables security, testing, and development teams to quickly find, triage, and fix security vulnerabilities — no matter where or how applications are deployed.
  • The SAP Service Virtualization application by HP can provide virtual simulations of real-world application behavior during development, helping to remove delay-causing availability constraints and accelerating application migration to SAP HANA.

By integrating SAP Solution Extensions with your applications running on SAP HANA, you can improve the speed and accuracy of process execution for a more dynamic response to changing market conditions based on real-time insights.

2. Put Your Information Under a Single, Secure Information Governance Model

During any migration, organizations must keep existing information, such as transactional data and associated content, in a legally compliant system of record. In addition, they must capture the business processes associated with unstructured content to make sure this information remains relevant and
valuable to the business.

By integrating SAP Solution Extensions — such as the SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management (SAP Extended ECM) application by OpenText — with your applications running on SAP HANA, you can control the life cycle of unstructured enterprise content with functionality compliant with the US Department of Defense directive 5015.2, minimizing the risk associated with unstructured content. You can also achieve faster time to value and reduce data migration time by deploying the SAP Data Services Migration Accelerator application by BackOffice Associates and SAP Information Steward Accelerator by BackOffice Associates, and establishing a robust platform for ongoing data quality governance. 

Additionally, SAP API Management provides an easy way to publish, manage, and secure APIs. The application also delivers insights on API usage that identify trends for applications running on SAP HANA that can help businesses become more predictive.

3. Operate at Peak Efficiency and Provide an Enjoyable User Experience

After migration, the SAP Business Process Automation application by Redwood can automate business process execution across SAP and third-party software environments, improving process quality, continuity, and consistency. Through integration with applications running on SAP HANA, this helps improve the speed and accuracy of process execution, for a more dynamic response to changing market conditions, based on real-time insights.

Finally, maintaining the ongoing health of your applications powered by SAP HANA is essential. With the SAP Extended Diagnostics application by CA, you can proactively measure application performance down to the user level, detect and diagnose problems and root causes, and quickly resolve any issues — before they impact the business.

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Cindy Morel
Cindy Morel

Director, SAP Solution Extensions, Global Marketing, SAP

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